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Frat Rats

This video was put together to showcase 5 college men that have worked for us. You have a good mix of hairy young men and then very smooth Johnnie! Of course, Joel and Chad are real life brothers so they were very at ease, and they had known Shane for a long time and then there's Johnnie!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Shane is the jock in the frat house and all around good guy. He shows up in standard college garb: jeans and a tee with a straw hat. He gets right down to business and pulls his cock out. He also bends over and spreads his hot tight ass before he even strips! When he gets naked, he hops in bed and starts to finger that tight ass getting it ready for some Friday night fun. He tries to stick a cucumber up his butt first getting his legs way up in the air to accommodate his green trick. With pride he holds the cuke up and shows you how deep it was. But he's not through. Next it's heels overhead as a big white vibrator fucks this college junior til he says ''Uncle!'' A tight close up of the toy in his ass makes you feel like you're in bed with him! Wanting still more, Shane greases up a big manrammer dildo and fucks his ass. Wonder which Frat Brother he's thinking about as the monster cock plows him? Guess he fucked himself too hard, because he can't get hard until he gets a girlie mag out and starts stroking. Soon this hot college junior with sparkling dark eyes and newly sprouted chest hair is shooting a hot load all over his hand!!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Johnnie is the Frat President and probably should be vice-president in charge of kink also. We never get to see him in clothes and within a minute of meeting him he's naked, in bed with his legs in the air. My kind of man! He's more experienced and he gets right down to some serious hole play. He's incredibly flexible and can bend his legs way back: this come in handy when you want to get fucked! And that is just what Mr. President wants! He primes his hole with a finger, than quickly moves on to a big black vibrator, which he accentuates with some stinging nipple clamps. Chewing on the nipple clamps chain and fucking his ass with the vibrator seems to bring the animal out in Johnnie and he has to have more. He must have borrowed Shane's manrammer dildo (or vice versa) as the huge latex toy makes another appearance. Fucking his ass long hard and deep while he pulls on his clamps, he can't seem to get enough action. He takes ALL of the manrammer and is soon burying a cucumber in his hot ass. He shoves it in deep and fucks himself as hard as he can. When that isn't enough, he sits on a big dildo still wearing the clamps. He rides it moaning, ''fuck me, fuck me!'' It must be getting late as he jacks his dick and shoots on his shaved belly. Big globs of hot white cum stand out against his tanned torso, and he eats his load!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene Three is Chad and Roger, the new pledges ready for their initiation. They strip down to their briefs and stick close together. This might be their closest moment yet: but their going to get a lot closer tonight! When they get naked, they pose arm in arm and then bend over and spreads their virgin asses. They even touch each other's butt cheeks (Horror!) The contrast of the smooth blonde Roger and the darker, harrier Chad is intriguing and we can't decide who is hotter! Let's have them both! They sit down for a summit on toys and the art of getting fucked. Chad takes the lead and shows the other pledge how it's done with a butt plug. Roger watches in disbelief as his straight brother hands him the plug. When Roger has mastered the small plug (but with great difficulty) Chad brings out a beer bottle and shows Roger just what he can do with it! Chad must enjoy putting on a show as he's soon riding the president's personal dildo and jacking his dick. The two freshmen jack their dicks together and shoot on their bellies. After all, shooting on your dog would be too gay!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Scene Four is the hottest senior in the frat: Joel. He gets all the girls. But he has some secret desires, also. He hardly ever wears a shirt; he thinks walking around half naked is trolling. And his body is some mighty good bait! He strips and shows you his hot deliciously hairy body and even spreads his tight butt. Is it virgin? Wait and see! When he turns back around from spreading his ass, his cock is already hard. And what a beautiful sight! When he's naked he flexes and shows you the bait he's used to trap some very hot people! With his muscular hairy chest, hard dick and bubble butt who's going to turn him down? In bed, his legs go up in a flash and he's grabbing his heels! You won't believe this hot man spread eagle! He starts to finger his hot hole and flips over on his back for a better penetration. When he's primed, the beer bottle goes up his butt (that must be the frat's hobby) and he sucks on a cucumber while fucking his own ass with the bottle and his hard dick bobs in time. Over on his knees, the stud gets fucked with a dildo before he sits on it and rides the dildo planted firmly in his butt. Joel jacks his dick and cums all over his hand, and he, too eats his load pronouncing it delicious.

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Frat Rats

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