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JackBuddies #22: Kyle and Zane

This was a video I was dying to shoot. I had known Zane and been shooting him for almost 5 years. I have seen him grow from lean young man to a hot, built real man. And it's been fun to watch. Kyle is still in the growing young man stage, but is so masculine and beautiful that I thought they would work well together. And they did. Their first shoot was good, but it was balls to the walls for the second! And there is some really fine cock sucking and ass fucking in this video. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did shooting it! Note this video is almost 90 minutes long!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Zane has shown up first and looks so hot with out his shirt that I start shooting! It doesn’t take him long to get naked and I can appreciate what his last job as a brick mason has done for his upper body. Thus is one sexy man and he is quite an exhibitionist, too. He loves to show off his body! Kyle shows up and they two of them get naked on the sofa. Kyle kicks back as Zane starts kissing him from his neck to his ever-stiffening cock. By the time Zane has worked his way south, Kyle has a roaring hard on and Zane swallows it. Zane gets down on the floor for a better angle of attack and can't seem to get enough of Kyle's hard UNCUT DICK!! The dynamic duo switch positions and it is Kyle's turn to suck. He returns the favor with enthusiasm and takes Zane's huge cut cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. A little side-by-side jacking off and some more sucking makes Zane cum on his belly. And a little more cock sucking leads to a cum shot by Kyle all over Zane's face and head! After they have recovered, I get them to show their asses for a quick comparison! Man, what two sweet holes!! They guys stand up and kiss after their afternoon tryst.

Next, these two naked men crammed themselves into a tight shower stall. They couldn’t get away from each other if they wanted to, and it doesn’t look like they want to! They soap each other up, suck a little, chew on some balls and hug and kiss. I know they will be back!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene two is a couple of weeks later. Each had called several times asking when we were going to finish the shoot. And finally all three of us were available and here goes! Kyle and Zane are hanging out at my pool just shooting the shit. They are talking about women (natch) and other unimportant stuff. Zane starts making a move on Kyle and seems to be pushing him toward another afternoon-delight session. As they strip and jump in the pool their hard dick bob in the breeze. After a little kissing and an agreement to keep this on the ''down-low'', Zane chows down on Kyle's uncut cock. He sucks and sucks good because he knows the favor is going to be returned! And it is. Kyle is hard as a rock as he goes down on his fuck buddy's dick. These two men look great in the sun with the pool water beading up in their hit tan bodies! What they have in mind would be better inside, so it's back to the studio and more sucking. Kyle has turned into quite a cocksucker and he gives Zane a good work out. And it's all about the payback as Zane gets on his knees to suck on Kyle.

The two guys get on the floor for some good old-fashioned 69 action and take turns being on the bottom playing with each other's asses as they suck. When it's time to work on some ass, Zane is on his back with his legs up. Kyle works him over with his fingers (sneaking in two when Zane has his eyes closed!) before fucking his buddy with some vibrators. Zane jacks his hard dick as Kyle sucks his dick and fucks his butt. He's in heaven! And when Kyle moves on to the larger vibrator, Zane is about to pop! He flips over on his stomach and spreads his hot tight ass for the vibrator to keep from shooting. Kyle shoves a big red butt plug in and wants his ass played with! Always one to please, Zane works Kyle's ass over with his fingers and then shoves a vibrator in his young fuck buddy. The vibrators get bigger and bigger and Zane suck harder and harder. He still has the red butt plug in his ass, which is Mike Scott's favorite toy!! He fucks Kyle on his stomach with the big vibrator and then shoves a zucchini in his hot young partner. They are both plugged and get up on their knees to show their plugged asses!

Now it's time for some real fucking and Kyle greases up Zane's dick and sits right down on it. He rides his friend's hard dick two ways before getting on his back and taking Zane's dick to the hilt. They finish up with a little doggy style and Kyle holds off coming because he wants a piece of Zane! Zane takes as good as he gives as Kyle rams his dick into the larger man. Zane begins to moan, ''fuck me, Kyle'' and it isn't long until Zane shoots all over his tight belly. After a little kiss, Kyle shoots all over Zane's face. Zane must want to go again, because he starts sucking on Kyle's hard dick! They are back in the pool to cool off, discuss their action and end with a kiss!

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JackBuddies #22: Kyle and Zane

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