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Alex's Toy Box

I just loved working with Alex!! First he is so damn cute, sexy, and hot and anything else you want to call him. Heads turn whenever he enters a room and people stare as he walks down the street. You know the swagger totally self-confident men (studs) have! Well, Alex has it in droves. He is also eager to please and was totally surprised how into the toys he got. Being straight he said he would do them only ''for the money.'' But after a shoot or two, he was suggesting new scenes with toys and actually improvising very effectively! He is 23; 5'11 weighs about 170 and has a sexy voice, as you will hear. Because this is a toy box video, the concentration is on longer, deeper, wider toy play. His Signature Series has his first toy play and is a great companion video for this one!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Alex is in the studio and quickly strips. No time wasted! He begins to jack his dick and get it hard. He then gives you a good chance to see his hard cock as he turns around and poses with it swaying as he moves. Even when he's seated on the sofa it pokes up like a sundial seeming to have a mind of it's own! Posing in the mirror, you see two Alex's and two hard dicks, a real treat! Now it's time to get busy and Alex talks directly to you as he shows you each toy he's gong to use. After discussing each toy, the video cuts to him actually using the toy he just showed you! The toys he gets fucked with are a butt plug, two vibrators, and a zucchini! Alex then sits on huge rubber dildo and rides the monster with his hard cock flopping as he's getting fucked. In a cute soliloquy, he shows you the size toy he wants to get fucked with!

Next Alex is jumping in the sling, spreading his ass as wide as he can and getting fucked with butt pugs and vibrators. He is rock hard as takes the toys deep inside his aching ass.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene two features a relaxed Alex just chillin before he starts his scene. He may look relaxed, but as he strips you notice that his dick is already hard in anticipation of a hot fuck session. Getting in bed, he talks directly to you as he starts to stretch his very willing ass. He fucks himself with a butt plug for starters working on his already hard dick. He's going to work on his ass slowly, but it isn't long before he's ready for a vibrator. Alex fucks himself real good before wanting something bigger. A much larger vibrator seems to satisfy him for the time being! But not for log and after he pulls the vibrator out of his ass, he shows you just how deep he was getting fucked! Next is our infamous beer bottle. I guess no Gemini video would be completed with the stud getting fucked with a beer bottle! The bottle is ok for a while but he must have a cucumber! Alex fucks his ass hard and deep with the big green toy before he starts sucking on a dildo. You know where the dildo is going and so does he. And he sits down on the dildo and rides the big latex cock with his own big cock sticking straight up! Alex plays with his nipples and jacks his dick while he's getting fucked. Moaning and groaning he moves into several positions in order to get the dildo deeper. He has to strain to hold back his orgasm from the deep pounding he's taking. But he wants this good feeling to last. After a good ride and a slow dismount that shows you his fuck-ravaged hole, Alex jacks a huge creamy load out of his throbbing dick. When he's recovered enough to stand up, he proudly shows you his load dripping down his torso and shows you his favorite jock strap and tells you about the guy he stole it from! Hot fantasy stuff, for sure!

Alex is in the shower with a hard on. Damn, This kid won't quit. He lathers up every part of his hot body with special attention to the cock, which just gave him so much pleasure. He even gets down on the shower floor to give you another look at his hot ass! Alex rinses off and gets dry. The he puts his deodorant on (he even does that sexy) and bends over the counter for one last ass shot. I bet he's off to meet the waitress from lunch.

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Alex's Toy Box

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