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JackBuddies #23: Cuba and Eduardo

Ok, guys, this one is in Spanish. Yeah, en Espanol. Cuba, who is really from Cuba, speaks Spanish and Eduardo from Puerto Rico speaks no English. I tried doing a shoot with him with gestures and ended up with a headache. So I got the idea of getting Cuba and Eduardo to do a toy shoot together. That way Cuba could be my voice! It worked great and even though I wasn't sure how far Eduardo would go with ass play it was worth the effort. We have 82 minutes of straight hot male flesh surrendering! Both Latinos are 29, muscular, hot straight and HUNG!!! Fans of totally masculine men will really get off on this pairing! I know I did and I didn't understand a word!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene One is a solo shoot with Eduardo. He is tall, tan, butch, built and hung. He is also totally shaved. Don't bitch me out, that's the way he showed up! But he looks hot and is so completely masculine that what he does in the second half of this video will amaze you. I know I was in shock! He starts out doing some muscle poses and slowly strips to reveal his tight muscular body. He has some very interesting street tats, which get revealed in the process. I have him try on a pair of tight jeans and go through a posing routine. I always find a little costume shoot helps the model relax and get used to being photographed. He is getting hard and his cock looks huge. I can't find my tape measure, so we use an architect's scale to measure this Latin monster. As he stands naked with a straw hat on, he looks like the perfect South American fantasy. He even bends over and spreads his ass! He gets in bed and is rock hard and ready. He jacks his dick and shoots a creamy load all over his shaved belly. When he stands up, his goo drips down his torso and he puts on some tit clamps for the first time. He sure is learning a lot today!

Eduardo decides to get cleaned up and we get to watch as he shaves his face and crotch. His still hard dick flops as he massages it with lather and coaxes the razor all around. He then takes a hot steamy shower. I think watching a hot man shower is a terrific exercise in voyeurism and this scene should delight! He shows you every inch every nook and cranny of his hot body before he dries off and leaves.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene Two is when Cuba showed up to interpret my directions for Eduardo. I get them both to pose together dropping their pants. The sexual tension could be cut with a knife! While Cuba has experimented with men, he is still in the unsure stage and Eduardo is a complete virgin. They strip, bend over and spread and even hug each other. When they get in bed, they seem pretty relaxed, or at least more so than I. They get their legs up and spread their hot holes without any hesitation. As they get their dicks hard, they talk in their native tongue and I have no idea what they are saying but it sounds hot. Cuba occasionally translates for us.

When they are hard, I hand Cuba a butt plug and he discusses doing toys with Eduardo. In doesn't take long before Eduardo is greasing up his finger and fingering his virgin ass juts like Cuba is doing! They jack their dicks maintaining their erections as Cuba shows him where the butt plug goes. After a disinfecting (yes, we are health conscious!!) Eduardo assaults his virgin ass. It is a new feeling and he isn't sure how he should react. His ''deer in the headlights look'' is hot. He relaxes with the plug firmly in place as Cuba demonstrates the proper use of a vibrator. Or as proper as he can without batteries! Eduardo fucks his ass with the vibrator and is catching on nicely. While Eduardo is getting fucked with the vibrator, Cuba shoves a glass dildo in his own ass and jacks his dick. They sight of these two straight butch men jacking hard dicks while getting fucked is pretty awesome! Seeing Eduardo flip over on his knees to get fucked is intense! After another cleaning, Eduardo masters the glass dildo, also. What a great pupil! He fucks his ass and jacks his dick and is getting into what is probably the kinkiest day of his life so far! Since he is doing so well, the teacher sits back and lets the pupil take a much larger vibrator and ram it home. With his legs in the air, Eduardo fucks his straight butt and jacks a dick that is getting larger and larger with each stroke. Can he do more? Will he do more?

When handed the empty beer bottle he is puzzled for a moment than shoves it right up his ass. Ok, here's third base; will we have a home run? The big red butt plug is next and Eduardo makes it almost disappear. He flips over on his stomach and spreads his legs wide and generally puts on a great butt-plug show while Cuba stands by watching in disbelief! The two studs are side-by-side jacking their dicks; Eduardo still has the red plug. Cuba inserts the small plug and they jack their dicks side by side getting plugged. They play with each other's hard cocks for a while before. After a break during which their hand never leaves their dick, we give Eduardo a zucchini. He shoves it in hard and it almost disappears! His hard dick is throbbing as he plays with it and the zucchini. When he flips over on his stomach the not-so-little vegetable works its own way deeper inside this man's butt. Eduardo gets on his back, holds his legs up and seems to go into a sexual trance screaming, ''I getting fucked, poppi, I getting fucked, mommy.'' His dick is so hard he can't stand it (neither can I!!) Leaving his legs in the air, Eduard pops the zucchini out of his ass and sends it flying across the bed. Houston, we have lift off.

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JackBuddies #23: Cuba and Eduardo

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