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Signature Series: Dirk

Dirk is a fantastically sexy young man. He s 23, 6 feet tall and weighs 156. Not 155 or 157. He is lean, muscular and tan. His tats are well thought out and respect the architecture of the human body. No randomly placed ink for him. He is very precise and exact. And he s fun to work with being very eager to please. He called me from an ad on an adult web site and just happened to live in the same town, so he s even convenient! This video is the total of three shoots over a three-week period edited into one 80-minute video. He s very busy flying all over the place for photographers here and there. I probably can t get him anymore, and I am pretty sure you won t see him play with his ass anywhere else! So enjoy this handsome built (and hung) young man in his sexual prime on a sexual quest.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one is Dirk's first shoot and is exactly as he showed up. Jeans and wife beater, which quickly come off. You and I are seeing him for the first time together. As he lifts his shirt and drops his pants, I think I have a very good model standing before me. While still in his boxers, I can concentrate on his musculature and appreciate his fine form. When he drops the boxers, I am bowled over by his thick dick and it's piercing. He isn’t shy and appears totally comfortable nude. As he flexes and goes through some posing, I can tell he's going to be fun! And when he bends over and I can see those huge low hanging balls, I am ready for a good shoot! I drag out some different jeans and tops for a couple of reasons. First I like to envision them as I might see them on the street and imagine how I would react/evaluate them. Secondly, it relaxes the model. So in the costume part of the shoot, Dirk is in jeans, shorts, tank tops, denim jacket, jock strap, thong, tight whit Lycra shorts, and surfer board shorts. And he keeps looking better and better (read hotter and hotter)! He even tries on nipple clamps and he's not shy about bending over and spreading his hot ass, either! When you see him naked except for a tool belt, you will be hot for more and so was I. So I gave Dirk some baby oil and he starts oiling his hot torso. Soon he's working on his cock and it jumps to attention. His cock is big: long and thick with a well defined head. It should be sculpted in marble. Trying to keep focused, I get him in bed and he goes through our obligatory butt show. With his long legs in the air, he spreads his ass wide and shows you pink in every position we can think of. Yes, he's even suggesting poses! I amazed just how wide he can spread his long legs and how eager he is to do it. When he gets on his knees, he looks like a great candidate for doggy style 101.

Dirk has agreed to play with his ass for the very first time. When I start with an anal virgin, I never know how far they can (or will) go. After all, they are doing something they probably thought they never would! So we start out gentle with their own finger and work up. So Dirk gets on his back, legs up and begins to finger his butt. So far so god, so in goes a butt plug. His dick is still hard, so after getting used to the new feeling , he goes on to a vibrator. It's really great how natural the vibrator feels and he is very accommodating about using it. He even shoves it so deep it stays without holding it. He looks hot getting plugged on his back and on his knees. He jacks his dick and is pretty casual about the whole thing. I even get to fuck him with the vibrator! I give him a glass dildo, which he greases up and is ready to use until he gets side tracked by a zucchini! Dirk is totally surprised when the not so little green toy slides deep into his ass, and he is amazed as it works its way in deeper as he moves. He's afraid it will totally disappear! I calm his fears and he relaxes and poses in some very positions with the zucchini just barely showing. It's your turn to be amazed when he pops the zucchini out and it flies through the air off camera!

I want to see him get off, so he begins to jerk his dick. I come in real close with the camera and you feel like you could touch him. You can see the velvet texture of his tanned skin as the camera caresses his hot body. Remember he's straight! His cock gets huge and as he stands there jacking his dick, I am sure this is going to be hot! He gets in bed to be more comfortable and plays with his arms and chest working his way down to his cock. Soon he is shooting a thick white load across his belly. The camera gets so close you can almost taste his cum. Yum! A long hot, steamy shower follows where the water flows all over this hot naked stud. He gets down on the floor with his legs up for a little more impromptu butt play! Then he dries off and bends over the counter for one last two-handed spread butt shot!

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Signature Series: Dirk

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