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JackBuddies #24: Marc and Zane

I just love watching a straight man do another man. It is even more fun directing two straight men having them do all sorts of sexual things at my command. It may be a power trip, but the look of disbelief when you ask them to suck (or, god forbid, kiss!) is unforgettable. And sometimes you get lucky. That is how this video came about. Two models just happened to show up in very similar circumstances and I decided to get them together and see what happens! Now Zane has done videos with other guys before this one, notably JackBuddies #22 where he has a hot flip flop fuck with Kyle. He is relaxed with another guy so I knew he would be good at guiding Marc through his shoot. I also knew Zane would enjoy the hell out of it! So I got these two together and just let the camera roll. Hope you enjoy their scenes and notice how into sucking Marc gets. I am sure he would deny it, saying he was acting!! And if he is, he ought to get an Oscar!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one happened about 10:00 one night when Marc showed up and needed some extra cash. This was actually the second time I shot him. In his first shoot he didn't even get naked! So this was a complete surprise. He offered to do a quick solo jack off and I took him up. This was, indeed, a quick jack off, as you will see. He glances toward the door nervous that his buddy will burst in and catch him. It doesn't take long, he doesn't even strip all the way, but he shoots a good load on his belly and leaves quickly.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene Two is another lucky, unexpected event. Zane has been away for a couple of years and I was surprised, although delighted, to hear from him. He was anxious to get back in front of the camera, and I was equally anxious to get him back. So here he is just as we reconnect. He is 3 years older and a lot beefier. I have him show me his new muscular state and even thought it's just a quick peak front and back, he agrees to come back later for a full shoot.

It's later the same day and Zane is back for a toy shoot. He shows up in a pair of tight white Levis that show an irresistible bulge. He is soon dropping them and we are not disappointed! His dick is long and thick. It is also hard! He models some white briefs, and tank tops showing his meaty cock, bulging biceps and handsome face. He walks over the camera as it captures his hard dick bobbing as he walks and when he squats on the camera, you can imagine him sitting on your face! A little more modeling with a cowboy hat (yum!) and he's ready to work on that monster cock. You see him working it in close ups and full body shots. This is a prelude to a little muscle posing and flexing with his hard dick swinging in the breeze. As Zane gets in bed, he puts on a butt show that has his legs in the air, talking about getting fucked. He's also on his stomach and knees to show you just what it would be like to fuck him. He even starts to finger his ass! As he gets comfortable in the bed and begins to jack his dick, his hand goes back to his ass. Slipping his finger deep inside, his dick gets harder and harder.

Soon he has a butt plug sliding into his butt, and a larger red plug replaces it in good time. He shows you the plug deep in his ass on his back and on his knees and stomach, too. His hungry ass wants more so after a tight close up of the plug popping out of his ass, he sticks a zucchini all the way in his ass. Getting fucked with the zucchini seems to get him really turned on and he's telling you how good it feels while he jacks his hard dick. I jack his dick a little bit and he even wants to cum like this! But I tell him to wait, and he does because I am the director! (It's good to be the king!!) As he gets on his back and knees to show his fucked ass, the zucchini works its own way deeper up his ass. Zane stands up and poses in the studio mirror all the while he's getting zucchini-fucked! He jacks his dick and again I can't help but jack his dick a little. Soon he shoots an impressive white load on his hairy belly and eats it! I fuck his ass with the zucchini and he gets into some role-playing and gets very verbal! Hot!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene Three is Zane and Marc in their first two people studio shoot. When I ask them to kiss, they are both reluctant and need coaxing. I can see from Marc's face that he isn't sure what he's gotten himself into! I have them do a little posing and generally get used to each other before I ask Zane to get on his knees and suck Marc. Zane is into cock sucking and he does a good job getting Marc worked up. As he sucks and tongues Marc's balls, Zane gives as good as he hopes to get! And when it's Marc's turn to go down, he fulfills Zane's wishes! Marc is a natural cocksucker and you can tell from the look on Zane's face just how much he's enjoying the blowjob. Marc licks Zane's hairy belly and tongues his balls and even works his way up to his buddy's hairy armpits for a quick lick! Zane holds Marc by the back of the head and fucks his mouth! No complaints from Marc!

Even though they are naked, they move some furniture in the studio to help me set up the next scene. They get in position to show me (and you) their butts side by side. A little comparison-shopping is a good thing, but a hard decision! Again side-by-side, they cuddle in together for some more sucking. Any thoughts of girls or being straight are far away and you can tell how much they are into each other. This really surprises Marc who swore he would never do another guy! They trade long slow wet blowjobs before shooting on each other and sealing the deal with a kiss!

Marc and Zane get in the shower and help each other clean up. They take turns soaping each other down and even get into some more cocksucking before they rinse off and give each other a hug and a kiss. God, I love my job!!

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JackBuddies #24: Marc and Zane

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