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Signature Series: Adrian

Adrian was a lot of fun to work with. I'd give him a concept and he'd run with it. If I said talk a lot about getting fucked, he'd come up with 5 minutes of trash talk that was so hot it was hard to decide what to use! Sometimes a straight model is so ill at ease that they hardly smile or talk, but not Adrian. In fact, he relished getting to be a porn star, even if it meant he had to get fucked! And he goes from a simple jack off, all the way through the toys to sucking dick and getting really fucked. I mean really fucked. So turn up the sound, grab your favorite lube and spend almost 88 minutes getting to know a cool straight guy!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one is a simple start in the studio involving a red jock strap and a flexing and strutting 29 year old straight guy. At this time, I had no idea how hot he was going to be; I was merely trying to get him to relax and enjoy the shoot. He isn't self conscious about being nude or spreading his hot beefy ass, so I know this shoot will go great. I try some different looks on him: cowboy, jock strap, etc but because he is so relaxed, I get him right in bed. And he's talking the whole time. It's only seven minute into the video and he already has his legs in the air spreading his glorious ass. That's some kind of a record! He does a great butt show on his back, on his stomach and on his knees. He can even put his legs totally behind his head! You got to love a gymnast! Adrian selects a DVD to watch and begins to oil himself up and get his dick hard. It doesn't take very long and he's at full mast. Jerking his dick, playing with his body and standing in the mirror to show off. While he's jacking, he talks about his jack off technique. Like I said, he's a talker! When he gets back in bed, it's for some furious fist pumping and a nice creamy load all over his hairy belly! He stands up so you can see his load dripping down his torso and then takes a long hot shower with plenty of attention paid to his backside.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

In scene two, which is a few days later, and Adrian is dressed very casually in tight white jeans and a sleeveless tee shirt. He reveals himself very slowly and sensuously. It’s a real turn on watching and listening to him. And the spread butt shot ain’t bad, either! Adrian relaxes fully dressed on the sofa and decides to take you on a verbal show and tell of his hot straight body. Even though he knows he’s doing this for guys and talking to guys, he is all about sharing his body. He talks about his chest as he reveals, it, discusses his biceps and armpits, before going for gold and revealing his cock and balls. But he doesn’t stop there. Throwing his long legs in the air, he slides his jeans down and goes into a verbal dream about his ass and more precisely getting fucked! By this time I am just holding on to the camera and going along for the ride! When he spreads his legs as wide as he can and asks how you want it, I am ready to jump him then and there! And he looks very fuckable on his knees, too! His trash talk here is over the top!

While his legs are up, he decides to take the show further and begins to finger his ass. He goes from a deep finger fuck to a vibrator, which is replaced with an even larger one. All the while telling you how it feels and how he wants to get fucked more and more! So I fuck him with the vibrator and he closes his eyes and pretends. Adrian then fucks himself with the beer bottle, and then makes a zucchini almost disappear. The fact that he can hold it in hands-free leaves him two hand to jack his dick and caress his hot body. After a good zucchini session, he gets out the manrammer dildo and goes deep talking the whole time about wanting it so bad! He wants to pretend he’s getting fucked again (what is he trying to decide??) so I fuck him with the huge latex toy. And when he flips over to fuck himself doggy style, he seems to go into a sexual trance! He gets fucked on his back spread wide open with the manrammer and moans his appreciation for the dildo and the fuck! He wants to get off, so I suggest he sit on a dildo and ride it. And he does! He can’t scum sitting on the dildo, so he goes to the red butt plug (which should be called the not-so-little-plug-that-could!!) He shoots all over the mirror in Skeet N’Eat style and licks up his own cum! And of course some more talk about what he done and how it feels.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

In Scene three, we are talking about which he'd rather do: suck a dick or get fucked. His answers are candid and honest and when he poses with the manrammer, I think he's decided to cross the line. He practices sucking cock with a dildo and when he goes on to the real thing, he's already an expert! No gagging, no hesitation he dives in and sucks cock like a pro! He is especially animated sucking dick and then throws a condom on my dick and gets into position to get fucked. After fingering him with first one and then two fingers, I take his cherry. (In my mind the Queen song ''Another One Bites The Dust'' always comes to mind in these situations!) He takes it like man and stays hard while he's getting fucked. After getting fucked on his back, Adrian sits on my cock and rides it. And he's still hard as a rock! I flip him over and fuck him on his stomach and shoot a load all over his spread hole! I'm exhausted and so he is he! We're out of tape, and I wish you could see what happened next! Sorry, Guys!

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Signature Series: Adrian

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