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JackBuddies #26
Kyle and Chance

Kyle and Chance are two straight guys that “cross the line” in this video. Kyle is 19; Chance is 21. Both are straight; each even has a kid! They are both uncut and this is Chance’s second shoot with another male. (His first can be seen in Signature Series: Chance). Here they get to take their time and explore each other’s hot young body as much as they want. I think you will enjoy these guys as they try and enjoy something they never thought they would!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The first scene is a solo of Kyle in the studio. He quickly strips and you get to see just how cute this guy is all over!! He shows you every thing and enjoys sharing himself with you. He jacks his dick, gets his hard watching a porno. He is aided by an anal probe that works its way deep into his hot little ass. Lucky probe! He strains as he jacks his dick his chest and neck muscles tighten, as his balls get ready to unload. He shoots all over his hand and belly and the stands up with the probe hanging out of his ass.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene two is Chance’s solo. He’s in the studio and strips slowly teasing you with glimpses of his tight and taut torso with his cute pleasure trail. But pretty soon he’s naked and even showing you his tight little ass. I even move his ass toward the light so you get an even better vide of this rosy little treasure. He begins getting his dick hard kneeling in bed. (I know what I m praying for!!). And it isn’t long before you discover this kid has a huge cock! A really huge cock! He works it showing just how big it is and shoots a good load in his hand and eats it.

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Amateur Video Scene 3:

In scene three, Kyle and Chance are at the beach. They jog and toss the football and look hot showing off their bods in the warm Florida sunshine. Relaxing on towels in the sand they talk about a party where they recently got trashed and experimented a little. They think it might be fun to do it again, but Chance warns Kyle, Anything you do to me, OI get to do to you! The he kisses him! Now it’s time to get busy and they do. The two-str8t studs start out kissing and fondling each other as Chance licks his way down Kyle’s body to his cock. He is eager to suck Chance and gives him quite a blowjob. Kyle shoves his buddy’s head down on his dick, apparently forgetting his promise to Chance! He fucks Chance’s mouth; who then works his way back north with his tongue ending in a hot deep kiss. Now it’s Kyle’s turn and his hot (and talented) tongue licks Chance’s nipples and pleasure trail before sucking his cock all the way to the base. True to his promise, Chance fucks Kyle’s mouth just the way he got fucked! No complaints from Kyle, though! Kyle is a damn good cocksucker even for a straight guy and you can tell by Chance’s face how much he’s into it! Kyle gets Chance horizontal and continues sucking and the two slip into a very comfortable 69 position. They change to Chance on top and continue sucking fiercely. This puts Chance in the mood to play with some ass and Kyle is happy to oblige. While he’s getting sucked, Kyle gets finger fucked and then fucked with some vibrators. But what Chance really wants is a crack at Kyle’s ass! And he gets it! Slipping on a magnum condom, Chance is soon buried to the hilt in his friend’s hot ass. He gives Kyle a good fucking (knowing he’s going to get one in return!!) Kyle just lays back and takes it; I think he’s secretly enjoying it! They kiss as they fuck and you get to see the action from all angles and in close up and long shots. I have to say Kyle looks great with his legs in the air! But he looks pretty hot getting plowed doggy style, too! Chance’s huge cock fucks him hard and deep. More experimenting leads to fucking Kyle on his side and he really takes it deep. Now it’s time for payback and Kyle starts working Chance over with his finger getting this hot tight ass ready. Fingers and vibrators prep Chance for fucking that’s coming and he seems more than ready! Kyle fucks him first on his back with his legs up, and they look hot fucking and kissing. Chance gets as good as he gave and his huge cock gets harder and harder as he gets fucked deeper and deeper. Chance gets it doggy style and again it’s an even match. Close up of his tight hole getting reamed show you juts how much each guy is into this. Chance goes the extra mile and sits on his buddy’s dick riding it while Kyle gives him a reach-around. He jacks his own cock and shoots huge load while riding Kyle. After a brief rest, Kyle jacks his dick and shoots a huge hot load all over Chance’s handsome face. They take a hot shower and start all over again. Their action is wild and they can’t get enough of each other. Kissing and licking all lead to a hot shower fuck and suck session that leaves them more than exhausted. Now they are fuck-buddies!

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

JackBuddies #26: Kyle and Chance

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