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Butch: Shaved and Stuffed

Butch has a legion of fans. I get requests for more of this bad boy from time to time and am very glad to be able to show you how this young man has turned out. Just 18 when he did his first video work, Butch is now a mature 29. He's more handsome, bulkier and hairier. He's also a lot more reliable! Here he is in all his mature glory showing you some things never change: like a hungry ass!

Butch is in the studio casually kicking back and we decide to turn his visit into a full shoot. He's very relaxed and looks good. In his tee shirt and khakis. He quickly strips off the shirt and drops the shorts so you can see his wonderfully hairy chest. He gets his legs up so you can check out his ass, too! Butch goes through a nude posing routine flexing and stretching to show every inch of his hot body from his blue eyes to his pierced nipple to his tattooed dick. Yes, his dick still has the ''your name'' tattoo visible on it! Butch wants to do a trim job so I hand him the clippers and let him loose. He trims his arms, armpits, chest and crotch before your eyes and then flexes again for a comparison. He's not totally shaved or smooth, just trimmed. And he's still hot! With all that loose hair flying around, a shower is just the thing. After his shower, Butch starts to play with his dick. The tattooed monster quickly responds and soon he's jerking it to full hard status. You get to see it from all angles and in some great close ups, too. He bends over and spreads his ass, which, just happens to be hot as hell!

After a little break where we run to the store to get him a zucchini to shove up his ass, he strips again and gets in bed. He is naked as the camera slowly and lovingly caresses his sexy form. He puts on a great butt show getting in all the right ''fuck me'' positions that you have come to know Gemini Studios for. His butt is still furry and looks so lickable and fuckable! He begins to finger this hot little ass while he jerks his hard dick. He's obviously into the ass play and is determined to put on a great show. He fingers his butt and jerks until he's ready for a toy. First he shoves a small butt plug up his ass. This is just for starters and soon he has replaced it with a small vibrator. The small one doesn't quite do the trick, so he gets a larger one. It must feel pretty good because he flips over and fucks his ass on his knees. I even get to fuck him with the dildo! Next is a larger red butt plug that he seems to really enjoy. He flips over with the plug firmly in place and shows you how good it feels.

Butch wants more, so he gets the beer bottle and fucks his hungry ass while jerking his hard dick. After some serious jacking, Butch gets the newly purchased zucchini and it almost disappears up his butt. He poses with his green trick and continues jacking his hard dick. After a couple of more dildos that get larger and larger, he works his way up to the manrammer dildo. This is a good fit as his dick is bigger and harder as he fucks his tight little ass. He's horny as hell and wants to get off, so he sits on a dildo and rides it like he's being fucked hard. Soon he's shooting a good load all over his hand and eats it. A little interview about what he's just done follows and answers the question about how much he really enjoyed his session!

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Butch: Shaved and Stuffed

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