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JackBuddies #27

These two guys are so cute together it should be crime. They are both straight, although Chance has been enjoying his new found bisexuality to the point that he gets off every time he gets fucked. And I try to see to it that he gets fucked a lot! Landon is a hot 21-year-old guy who came to me with a shaved chest. We are letting it grow out and he looks even hotter! They both have big dicks, hot mouths and willing asses. There isn’t a lot of idle chitchat or wasted time in this video. They go from a little sucking to a whole lot of ass play and fucking. Their flip-flop fuck in this video has become one of my favorite scenes. Chance's dick just seems to get bigger and bigger!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Chance and Landon are in the studio hanging out. This will be only the second time Landon has been with another man and he's a little nervous. But Chance is a pro and is more than willing to help him along. Chance's devilish grin shows that he has something special in store for his buddy! He gets Landon on his knees and has him start playing with his cock. Landon is nervous as hell and it shows! His deer-in-the-headlights look is hot! Chance reciprocates and sets the you-do-me-I-do-you theme for the shoot. The guys stop for a smoke break and to jack their dicks a little, which relaxes Landon considerably. Landon kisses Chance (his first gay kiss!) and licks his way down Chance's body to his cock. And what a huge cock he has! Landon makes sweet love to it and stays hard while he is sucking on the monster. Chance returns the favor and Landon really enjoys that.

The two guys stand up and kiss and then show you their hot asses side by side and one over the other for your comparison. I can't decide which is tastier or more fuckable, can you? They get down for a serious 69 and soon Landon is on his back with his legs in the air. Chance fingers his hot almost virgin ass and then fucks him with a vibrator before moving on to a big glass dildo. Chance sucks his buddies cock as he fucks him and a grateful Landon just lays back and enjoys the ride! Landon returns the favor sucking on Chance's huge rod and when he gets it really hard, he slides a condom on it and gets ready to be fucked. Chance gets him down on his back with his legs up and plunges in! Landon grins and bears it taking every last inch! They kiss as they fuck and hey, this isn't as bad as he thought it would be. In fact, it's kind of good! He gets fucked long and hard before he flips over and takes it doggy style! Chance buries it deep and fucks it hard. Then he talks Landon into taking it standing up bent over and again on his back before sitting on the huge cock and rising it. Landon is in control and he still takes the dick deep hard and fast! This kid must be getting into this; it's sure getting into him!

Now it's Chances' turn to bottom. Landon warms him up with some toys and sucking before he suits up and plunges in Chance's tight ass. He fucks him on his back and they kiss before changing to doggy style. Chance even helps guide the cock up his ass! He must like it, too! Chance sits on Landon's hard dick and rides it and jacks himself to a huge climax while getting fucked. He is exhausted which is good, because all he has to do now is lay there while Landon jacks off on his chest! The two sort of straight guys hop into the shower to get cleaned off. They soap each other down before they take turns blowing each other. They are much better friends now, and I bet they do this again!

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JackBuddies #27

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