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JackBuddies #28: Bear Fuck

I wasn’t sure what to call this video. You have two guys that are 29, hairy, versatile and have tattooed dicks. I thought Bear Fuck was short and sweet! Both guys have been in other videos for me so you might be familiar with them. Mike Scott has gotten more comfortable with his bisexuality, and Butch never had an issue with it. Though both prefer women, they can and do, appreciate a hot guy!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The two guys are hanging out getting comfortable with each other. Butch always has a sly, tongue in cheek demeanor, and Mike Scott is always shy and laid back. Each is unsure about the other and this may take a little warming up. They take turns striping each other and getting ready for action. Once they are naked, they embrace and kiss a little bit to break the ice. They take a smoke break, which relaxes them even more and I can feel a bond growing between them.

Mike is the first to suck, and he goes right to it. Butch holds his head and fucks his mouth obviously enjoying the oral attention. Mike licks and sucks Butch to a full hard while jacking his own dick. Butch returns the favor and really gets off on Mike's big dick. He worships the tattooed cock and almost gags trying to get it all down his throat! Mike holds his head and fucks his mouth, too. They are very relaxed and in a very intimate way, they kiss and take turns licking down each other's hairy torsos to the cock and swallowing all the man meat.

Butch is especially hungry for dick as he attacks Mike's thick member. He gets Mike's legs up and goes for his hairy hole with his tongue. Butch rims him and fingers his butt while he sucks his dick. Hot! And Mike loves it! Turning the table on Butch, Mike rims and fingers his hot hole, too! The guys kiss and play with each other's hard dicks before Butch attacks Mike's ass with his finger and some toys. With Mike's dick in his mouth, Butch works his ass over with his finger and a couple of vibrators before fucking him with a zucchini. He shoves it so deep that is stays by itself; guess it likes being in that hot ass! Mike makes sure the zucchini stays in place as he starts to work Butch over. He sucks his dick and fingers Butch's ass getting it ready for some action. The he grabs the toys and uses the vibrators and zucchini on his hairy-chested friend.

Mike slides a condom on and fucks Butch on his back with his legs up high and wide. Then they fuck with Butch on his side taking every hot inch. Then its Mike's turn and Butch get him on his back with his legs up and fucks him very hard bareback. They kiss and seem oblivious to the camera as they screw like dogs in heat. They take turns fucking doggy style before they shoot all over each other's face and mouth! They stand up and after taking about the fucking each just gave and took, they kiss.

At this point, there's nothing left to do but get cleaned up so they head to the showers. Mike soaps Butch up and gets into playing with this hot man and goes down to suck his dick again. Butch is hard and I can tell where this is going! Mike scrubs Butch's ass and tries to fuck him again in the shower. Then it's Butch's turn to soap down Mike, suck his dick and fuck him, too. They end with a steamy kiss and I think this is definitely the hottest shower scene I have ever filmed!

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JackBuddies #28: Bear Fuck

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