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Dawg Day Afternoon

Dawg Day Afternoon is a Point Of View movie documenting the sexual exploits of Johnny Miles on his day off from work. Watch as he jerks off, gets sucked off by a Dad who swallows his load, then fucks a red-haired cub; all in the same day!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Sleeping in on his day off from work, Johnny wakes up mid-morning, hard and horny. Having recently had a friend suggest he film his next movie as a ''Point Of View'' movie, Johnny decides what better time than the present? Though this first scene is a bit dark and grainy, it shows Johnny's eagerness to let you into his bedroom and watch him work up his first creamy load of the day!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Still horny nearly an hour later, Johnny goes online to see what kind of trouble he can find. On a popular fetish site, he finds Stevie G., who has been lusting after Johnny's ripe, unwashed cock for nearly a year. Johnny invites Stevie over and the Dad eagerly devours Johnny's thick, uncut, dirty, unwashed cock. He even tells Johnny how next time, he wants it funky with cheese!

After some sucking and pit licking, Stevie takes Johnny's cock raw, when the two get into some bareback fucking. But the load was meant for Stevie's mouth and Johnny gladly delivers a nice one onto the man's tongue. Can you say, ''Happy Sleaze Pig?''

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Having worked up a sweat, Johnny is still horny. He showers and cleans up for Red Cub, a young bear who, like Stevie G, has also wanted Johnny's seed for a while; but up his ass!

Johnny puts Red Cub through the paces, and after the bear sucks him off for a bit, Johnny watches him jerk-off. He then lays into his hole, fingers him, and even has Red Cub spread his own cheeks to show Johnny, and the rest of the world, just how eager his hole is! Johnny fucks Red Cub bareback, in several positions then mounts him as he drives his cock balls-deep inside the moaning fuck toy. Johnny breeds Red Cub then tells him to jerk himself off.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

As if coming three times wasn't enough, Johnny whips out yet another load after editing the footage he took on his ''Dawg Day Afternoon.'' With his balls drained, Johnny eats his own load off his desk and shows it on his tongue before swallowing.

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Dawg Day Afternoon

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