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Jason The Nympho

Jason Fucks David:

19yo David was stranded by the side of the road when Jason drove by and rescued him. He brings the boy back to his home and then can't resist spying on him in the shower. One thing leads to another and before you can say ''Triple A,'' the boys are getting wet and hard together.

Back in the bedroom, Jason coaxes David into sucking his big, pink cock and the boy’s lips drive 21yo Jason wild. Jason gets another shot at the boy's cock before he targets David's ass. David's legs are in the air as Jason's cock parts the boy's cheeks and gives him a long hard fuck.

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Jason and Dylan Play With Toys:

These two met while playing pool at a local club. Jason was attracted to Dylan's ''daddy'' qualities and whisked him back to his place for a little fun. They watch some twink, get naked and go down on each other for some great tonsil-tickling oral sex.

When they move to the bed they get into a hot 69, then Dylan heads for the toy barrel and returns with a big old dildo to work Jason's ass over. He lubes up the plastic prick and slips it into Jason’s butt, pumping it faster and faster until they both explode.

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Joey Fucks Jason:

Our hero has been itching to get fucked good and hard by a big fat cock…and Joey is just the fucker to do it. Jason is fascinated by Joey's Prince Albert and can't wait to go down on the steel-ringed cock. Joey knows a good cocksucker when he finds one and feeds Jason as much dick as he can take

.There's lots more action, though. Joey sucks Jason's rock-hard cock before giving him a fast fuck…forcing that steel ring into Jason's ass, shooting off on Jason's cock and then licking it all up. Later, Joey gives him a longer fuck and forces the cum from Jason's cock and he licks that all up too.

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Will Fucks Jason:

Will likes sucking on Jason's fat cock and he can't get enough of that boy's penis. He also likes chewing on Jason's ears, sucking and biting the redhead's nipples, licking his lightly furry balls and just tormenting him in general. Will is into the total sex experience.

Sure, Jason likes getting his dick sucked, but he really likes the way Will eats his ass and pounds his butt with his uncut prick. Will puts his cock up his lover's butt bareback, reveling in the feel of Jason's ass sliding up and down on his cock until he pulls out and they shoot off together.

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Jason and Will and Brian Fuck Around:

Our two lovers from the last sessions have invited a very playful 21yo Navy boy named Brian in for some fun and sexy action. After the guys get stripped, they have a blast going from one sex act to another. Brian sucks Jason, Will sucks Brian and Will and Jason suck Brian's nipples.

Jason is the first one to get fucked as Brian slams him hard and Jason just laughs and laughs. They both shoot on Jason's belly. Brian is next as he lifts his legs to let Will's uncut cock penetrate his sailor ass and shoot on his belly. Brian fucks Jason again, forcing the nympho to shoot off a second time.

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Jason The Nympho

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