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Hookups #9: Taking A Str8 Boy's Cherry

As a gay video producer, I think one of the "dream sessions" is to find a young straight guy who wants to do gay videos. When that young straight guy seeks YOU out then it's even better.

Kyle Rotten

Kyle chose his stage name because when he was younger his friends said he looked like Johnny Rotten from The Sex Pistols. This 19yo, straight, punkish, hard-bodied, competitive skateboarder, set his sights on breaking into the porn industry and he decided that Home Town Guys was going to be his first stop on the road to fame. Kyle puts on a great solo performance. He's not shy about sharing the fantasies that excite him and his girlfriend. They've been practicing with a dildo and you can tell that's true by the way he glows with the vibrator deep in his ass. Kyle may never have been with a guy before but he's a natural bottom.

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Kyle Rotten and Damien Mitchels

Kyle wanted his first guy/guy experience to be with someone close to his own age and Damien Mitchels fit the bill. Damien just turned 20 last month and he has the same kind of punkish vibe as Kyle. Working with a straight guy on his first gay encounter was a bit like sampling the strange food in a foreign country. Kyle took little pieces of most things and then took a lot of what he liked most. Kyle & Damien did a bit of kissing and that was ok, but Kyle didn't care for getting blown, he didn't seem to like getting rimmed, and he wasn't too good at topping...but kyle LOVED getting fucked! Damien fingers Kyle's tight bubble butt for a bit then rolls on a rubber and takes Kyle's cherry doggy style. After a while they move to the foot of the bed where Kyle bends over and Damien slides in again for another good fuck. Kyle's stroking his cock the whole time he's getting plowed and he rises up just in time to shoot his wad onto the bedspread. Kyle's got one more rite to undergo and Damien does the honors of shooting his load all over Kyle's face. Kyle can officially say he's now a Bisexual.

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Following the film are three outtakes from the cutting room floor. In the first we see Damien playing with the vibrator during an intermission when Kyle had to answer the call of nature. In the second, Kyle is back and playing with the vibrator himself and getting a little oral action from Damien. In the third outtake we see a couple of moments of boys being boys...Damien making a funny little comment and Kyle giving one of his little "Johnny Rotten" sneers.

Previews: Following the film and Outtakes are 24 minutes of previews from Home Town Guys, AmateurVideoz, Barely Legal Boys, and Hung Videos.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Hookups #9: Taking A Str8 Boy's Cherry

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