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Rammin' Orgy

Producer's Note: This movie was shot as one scene in its entirety. This film has been minimally edited in an effort to preserve all the great action, text and conversation of the Orgy as it happened. We trust it will keep you stiff and hard as much as it did us during the film shoot.

The Orgy

When our Mid West Prairie Boy saw what we had done with our College Hotty in Detroit Fuck City he was in contact with us immediately wanting to know what it would take to be the next featured bottom slut in our Orgy Series...It didn't take long for us to see his talent...

A chiseled face...A sculpted chest...and an Ass so rock hard it could crack walnuts...Is what this Mid West Prairie Boy prides himself on...

He is a great looking stacked Farm Boy that had come into the Big City to have his fantasy of being a fuck whore fulfilled...

From the minute the cameras starting rolling our Mid West Hotty was rock hard, ass perched, and ready for anyone that wanted a piece of his great body...

Within minutes, the sexual electricity and raw heat being generated from each of the 9 guyz was at a maximum...And the sex just keeps on getting better...

All 9 guyz totally into each other and our Mid West boy makes for awesome sexual experience...Sweat pouring off of chiseled chests, cock sucking, ass eating...and a ton of fucking...

Our Mid West Prairie boy has a beautiful rounded pink bubble butt that was itching to get fucked...and get fucked it did...Each guy takes a turn up his hole...from every which way...As he's being fucked, the other this rugged masculine boy be totally submissive and beg for more cock...while they wait to take their turn in making him the butt cunt he wants to be...and knows that he is…

Throughout the Orgy party there is cum flying all over this Mid West boy's ass and back...being eaten and shared amongst him all the other orgy go-ers...

See the Prairie Boy get his ass reamed during the terrific Double Headed dildo scene...his ass is fucked deep and hard as the other hot ass attached to the other end of the dildo tries to steal it away from the Prairie Boys butt hole...the Prairie Boy isn't all that quick to give it he pulls the Dildo out of his own ass and starts to DEEP THROAT the dildo that was just up his hole...

By this stage of the Orgy...the Prairie Boy is on a sex rampage and just wants to be continually fucked and used...His request, when he contacted us was to 'COVERED IN AS MUCH CUM AS POSSIBLE'... and we made sure that his wish was granted...

See the streams of sweat ripple down his chest as the Guyz shoot massive quantities of Hot and sticky loadz of Cum all over his ripped Pecs and Abs.

Covered in everyone's jizz...Our Prairie Boy pops his biggest wad of cum all over himself...It shoots right up and out of his dick onto his chest, neck, and chin...

He got what he wanted from his trip to the Big City...

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The Shower

Our Orgy party concludes with the Prairie Boy taking a well deserved shower... relaxing... and reflecting on what a big turn on it was to have lived out his fantasy in front of the camera for everyone to see, hear, and experience with him...

We get a chance to enjoy our Prairie Muscle Boy lather up...rinse it off... and lather it up again as he is joined by a few of his Orgy friends in the shower...

There is some great post conversations of the Sex Orgy and some terrific outtakes to close off our Sex Party...

And the invite for our Mid West Boy to join us again...???

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Rammin' Orgy

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