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Dude, Suck It 'Till You Gag

A lot of straight men wonder what it is like to be blown by another guy, many even believing that gay guys suck better dick than women. In my travels, I have found that the real cock whores have turned out to be masculine bi guys who live a pretty straight life. When you close the doors and pull out a big dick they chow down like a dog on a bone. They don't give a fuck what they look like while they get mouth pounded by dick, because they know they can beat your ass if you give them any shit about it. There isn't anything better than a guy who sucks dick like a man.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

I wanted to test Erick out before I paired him with another guy. He claimed to be bisexual, but he'd only been with a limited amount of men in actuality. When I met him, he seemed so cocky and masculine that I doubted he'd have any real cock sucking ability. I paired him with a 12-inch dildo and told him to show me what he could do and he ended up blowing me away. Erick doesn't merely suck off the dildo, he becomes a sword swallower, taking the phallus deep down his throat until he gags on it. That is when I realized I didn't just have a cocksucker, but a total sex hog. Tears run down his face as he stuffs his throat with the tool but even then he can't seem to get enough. That is when I realized I found a cocky showoff.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Devin and Erick are tattooed, muscled, blue collar guys. Both of them have women at home (Devin has a wife and Erick lives with his girlfriend). They live a pretty straight life, but this scene is a glimpse of what goes on when regular guys play with each other on the side. There is still a great deal of macho posturing going on, even as Erick gets down on all fours and submits as a total cock sucker to his big dicked buddy; and there isn't anything wimpy about Erick's dick sucking skills. As he milks Devin's prick with his throat, it is almost like Erick is feeding off of Devin's masculinity. He pretty much impales his throat with Devin's fat dick as he sucks it so deep and forcefully that he gags on it; leaving no question about who the dick is here. Not only is Devin hung thick at close to 9 inches, but he has no problem sitting back and being totally serviced by another guy. Erick is bare assed, butt hole twitching while he is servicing his friends man pole, stuffing it deep down his throat. In a final act of domination, Devin proves his point by ejaculating his load all over Erick's hairless bubble ass. That territory has definitely been marked.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Amateur Video Scene 3:

After seeing Erick practically swallow the entire 12-inch dildo, I asked him to show me what he could do to his ass with it. He told me that when he goes to gay bars, guys come up to him and grab his ass and many have told him that they want to fuck the shit out of him. I can understand why. Erick has one of the best asses I've seen on a white guy. He actually boasts that his ass is bigger and juicier than most white women's. In this scene, Erick gets on all fours, sticks the thick dildo up his tight puckered asshole and shows off how dudes tell him they want to fuck his ass. He wags his ass back and forth as he drills the dildo in and out of his slutty butt hole. Then he lays on his back, legs spread like a cunt as he pierces his twat with the fat fuck log. There is no shame in this for him. He has a hot ass and he knows it.

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Amateur Video Scene 4:

Devin gets naked, crawls into bed and beats his meat. He shows off his muscles and humps the mattress before he shoots of a thick nutt wadd.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Dude, Suck It 'Till You Gag

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