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Mancunts #5
Dildos And Pantyhose

Mancunts #5, has more hot guys for you, with the focus being their manholes...there are no cum shots in this dvd.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Red haired Luke shows off his smooth body after a hot workout. This guy may be straight, but he realizes his butt is his greatest asset and never has any problem exposing all the goods. He's wearing a jock strap under his athletic shorts and eagerly gets on all fours to show off his pink pucker hole before he rolls onto his side and starts fingering himself. Luke is a pretty cocky guy and gets off exposing his butthole. He looks right in the camera while he touches his secret pleasure spot deep inside his ass. Legs spread, Luke is makes his ass totally available as he finger fucks himself to bliss.
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Ted is 26 and completely straight. He is pretty much a horn ball 24/7 and was very eager to show off his body. He had just been laid off his job and seriously needed some quick cash. Once he started getting naked, he got a little nervous and I realized that it was because his dick was on the small side, but he more than made up for it with his phat booty ass.

It took a little convincing on my part, but I was able to get Ted to get rid of any inhibitions he had and start posing like a pussy. Most straight guys wouldn't be caught dead posing like they are total fuck toys, but Ted started to get into exposing his ass and before I knew it he was bouncing his bubble ass like a female stripper. All of his shame quickly dissolved as he spread his big butt cheeks to show off his hunky hole. This dude has some seriously large ass cheeks, round like 2 mellons rubbing together creating quite a bit of sweat in his deep ass crack. If you like seeing straight men posing like total pussies, don't miss out on Ted, he is an all access hole.
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amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Luke is back with a kinky surprise. He's wearing a pair of red fishnet pantyhose that cling tight to his smooth milky white skin. Even though the holes in the fishnet give him enough access to his hole to finger it like a pussy, Luke is so horny and impatient, he starts ripping holes in the back of the pantyhose to expose even more availability to his fuck hole. The scene ends with Luke crawling around on the floor wearing the ripped up hose with all of his manly goodness on display.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Mick is 30 years old, straight, and married with kids. In fact, he was so hesitant about doing porn that he insisted on wearing a mask to cover his face to hide his identity. Hopefully his wife isn't too familiar with his ass, because if she is, there would be no stopping her from recognizing such a big smooth ass.

Mick has a big white booty and no trouble exposing his most private parts. He spreads his ass and fingers his pink asshole before he starts dildo fucking himself. There are lots of closeups of Mick's oiled up ass and pink hole. After he works it over with the dildo there is no denying that it resembles a pink pussy hole. Even married guys get horny for something up their asses.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Luke is back posing in a skimpy black thong. This undergarment is so tiny that when he spreads his cheeks apart, the string on the thong doesn't even cover his butthole. You can tell Luke feels sexy being so dressed but undressed as he pulls the string to the side to grant total access to his man pussy. He is in total stripper mode as he shakes his ass and struts his stuff.

After working up quite a sweat, Luke finishes off in a nice hot bubble bath. By this point his butt crack is extremely sweaty so he makes a point to wring the water from his sponge down his back and off the crack of his ass. Luke is a dirty boy even when he is cleaning off.
amateur homemade porn

Mancunts #5 - Dildos And Pantyhose

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