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Mancunts #6
Straight Assholes

Three straight guys are bringing all of the ass you crave. Each of them give all access to their bubble butts and holes. These guys have no reservations about acting like total fuck holes.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Neil is in his mid 20s and has been married for the past 3 years and has 3 mouths to feed. This guy is totally heterosexual but very eager to make cash to support his family. He runs his ass off at baseball games selling hotdogs to make ends meet, so the dude is naturally very fit with a nice round butt. Neil seems to take pleasure not only showing off his smooth butt cheeks, but spreading them wide open to seriously show off his butthole. Dude gets so excited he starts winking his hole right at the camera while he's laying on his side looking like he's eager to get butt fucked. He'd definitely be a good lay and he proves it by spreading his ass and bouncing it up and down like he is sitting on a fat dick then getting on all fours and waving his butt back and forth. There is a nothing better than a straight guy who isn't shy about his hot fuckable ass.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Luke is back to show off more of his hidden assets. For a straight guy, he's become very comfortable using his bubble ass to make himself some quick cash. This time he has a sexy thong and a vibrator to play with. Luke starts by spreading his beefy ass cheeks to expose his pink pucker hole and massages it with the tip of the vibrator. The sensation must have been pretty intense for him because before I knew it, he was sticking the vibrator up his butthole with little to no lube. His pretty ass swallowed it up as he arches his back and sticks the vibrator in and out of his hole. Luke can't get enough and majorly finger fucks himself before stroking off a big wadd. There is nothing like a horned up straight guy.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Doug is a fifty year old horny straight guy. By day, he delivers and installs appliances but he has a big secret. No one knows he walks around wearing a skimpy thong under his uniform. Even though Doug rides motorcycles and works that blue collar job, you'd never know it by looking at his smooth ass and worked over hole. This guy has a major kinky side and totally gets into butt play. He gets naked and shows off his ass like a pussy before he starts playing with his big nipples and stroking his dick to shoot off a thick wadd.

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Mancunts #6 - Straight Assholes

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