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Blake Marshall:

Dark haired and studly Blake Marshall is a frequent visitor to the Butt Munch Club. He goes there with one goal in mind, to sit down next to the glory hole box and service every cock that comes through the hole. He loves cock and cum and he swallows every drop he can find.

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Brad Nelson:

Red-head Brad Nelson is a first timer here at the Butt Munch club and the glory hole box is something he definitely has to try. His rock hard cock gets sucked through his underwear and then he whips it out for a real sucking. He then sucks Blake's long hard pole a bit. When Brad creams Blake is all over his cock sucking and licking it up like honey.

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Maxx Andrews:

California Highway Patrolman Maxx Andrews is on vacation but wearing his uniform anyway because the other club members get off on it. He teases Blake by jerking off just out of reach then plunges his cock through the hole to let Blake suck it. He sucks Blake's pole then comes around the box to give him a load in person, on Blake's face and in his mouth.

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Jack Raver:

Mustache and leather wearing Jack Raver slides in as soon as the glory hole is open and whips out a hot cock with a leather cock ring and slides it into Blake's hungry mouth. Jack wants more though so he gets naked and makes Blake eat his hairy ass. These hot men trade more blow jobs before Jack finally squirts out a load for Blake to lick up.

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Sean Peter:

This skinny young man is another of the club's boy-toys out to find a little fun before the stud masters show up. Sean has a huge thick cock and Blake goes crazy for it. Sean gives Blake all the cock he can handle and then some until finally the boy-toy blasts off in Blake's mouth and the cock sucker swallows down the boy's load.

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This black man is dressed all in black leather with a black hood over his head. The only thing that interest's Blake though is his black cum filled cock and that is as it should be. Blake concentrates fully on the black flesh pole until he is rewarded by thick ropes of white cum in his open mouth.

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Tucker Davis:

Handsome and clean cut Tucker Davis looks out of place in the Butt Munch Club but he's here for one get his cock sucked and his ass eaten. He makes that clear enough to cum-starved Blake who goes to work immediately. When Tucker shoots off his flood of cum Blake is right there to catch it on his tongue and swallow it down.

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Martin Patton:

Scruffy bearded Martin Patton is already hard in his shorts when he pulls out his long cock for Blake's attention. Martin pumps hard against the glory hole box to make sure Blake gets every inch of his cock deep down his throat. Blake is like a man possessed as he sucks Martin's cock long and deep until the juicy flesh tube gives up its cream on Blake's tongue.

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El John:

Last up is full bearded El John. He wastes no time in dropping his drawers and giving Blake another hot cock to work on. Then he switches places with Blake and sucks Blake's long pole and let's Blake shoot his long held load of cum in El's bearded mouth. El deposits his own load on Blake's outstretched tongue and on his upturned face.

The cum shots are all repeated at the end of the video for your cock pounding and cum squirting pleasure.

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Glory Hole Blow Jobs

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