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Joe Schmoe's Down South Down Lows

Thanks for watchin or Homemade, Amateur, Vids. Me and the guys, appreciate your continued support.

Thre all-new white guys plus this new, All white Joe Schmoe film. As usual, it's as amateur as it gets and then some....

Scene 1:

Young "cleancut" redneck Dave dropped by for his first time to be videoed and get served up by a guy..he says. He's pretty soft spoken at first, but appears completely at ease as soon as Black Joe breaks out the camera..He's got a tight lil body that shows honest work, and a few tats. He Kicks back in the Schmoelounger...and you can tell that he's waiting for ne of us to serve him up...since he's the "str8guy" in the room with two fags....I quickly move in and begin to slurp his fat Cock to full stiffness. It takes only a few seconds..Before long he facefucks his redneck seed into my waiting mouth...

Scene 2:

Our Dorky, chainsmokin, Young hoodrat in glasses, Josh stopped by to make his video Debut. He is a str8boy who was extremely nervous about appearing in a video. He kicks back and works his soft pecker, while watching a porn Before I move in for a closer look. He doesnt have the longest dick inthe world, but as soon as I give him a little compliment, it quickly grows to full hardness, and it is quite fat. I move in for a little taste. He says he's never been served-up by a guy before, which I can tell he hasnt been served-up much at all before. I start sucking him, he starts to relax, and without a word, he grabs my head, and starts, pumping his fat Dorkboy dick, all in my face and mouth and down my throat till he busts...

Scene 3:

Young Jay....Fucks me in this long clip shot right after he was released from prison...His dick was hard as a rock...and you could tell he was really wanting it...

Scene 4:

Newguy Jeremy...Was curious about being in a video, and nervous at the same time. He wasnt sure what to expect, but he needed the extra cash... He's a stocky str8guy with a nice dick..that just loved being sucked.

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Joe Schmoe's Down South Down Lows

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