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Bustin' Officer Zack

My former roommate has been keeping the streets of the Southwest safe for some time now... But when Officer Zack returns to town for a visit he heads right to his old hangout to spill a little seed! 5 nut bustin' sessions with the straightest guy I ever met!! Lots of sexy dialogue, sloppy blowjobs and cum eating. If you like your amateur porn REAL and RAW then this one's for you!! STATS: 26 years old, 5'11", 190 lbs., Mediterranean good looks, Muscular with Tattoos, Police Officer and Harley Hog-Boy.


Zack arrives dressed in his old uniform and as he watches one of his favorite porn flicks he plays with himself through his pants. He lets me undress him and manhandle him a little before sticking his cock in my face. I suck hard on his cock then he jerks a big load on my tongue.

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Relaxed and refreshed from a good night's sleep, Zack returns to where he left off on his favorite porno and starts to pull one off. When he's close to bustin' he calls me over to help him finish and he blows a load that just won't stop.

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After spending some time with his family, he escapes back to the apartment and quickly gets into a jerk session. When I move in and grab his cock he gets rock hard in my hand as I stroke his slippery stick. After I play with it a while Zack stands and I take him in my mouth. It doesn't take long before he explodes all over my face and tongue. After Zack dresses he's still horny and so he tries to get another one off.

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A few days later I tell Zack about a new porno I have and he heads right over to watch it. He pulls off his pants and lets me play with his cock through his boxer briefs. He strokes his lubed cock while I play with his balls and when I start jerking on his cock he gets super hard. When I start to blow Zack he stands and starts to fuck my mouth and then unloads a massive nut on my face.

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On the last day of his vacation he stops by to read some of the girlie mags he left behind when he moved. He pulls off his clothes and works himself up with a little lube before I move in. I jerk on Zack's cock as he turns the pages then I suck him good till he blows his load in my mouth. Hey Zack! Cum back soon!!

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Bustin' Officer Zack

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