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Blindfold Submission

What do you get when you take some horny straight guys, blindfold them and bind their wrists with not-so-tight restraints, and then do what you will with them? The Ultimate Wet Dream filled with Super-Sizzling Seductions and Copious Gobs of Creamy Cum, of course!! These dudes don't quite know what to expect as they are chair-bound but soon they abandon all inhibitions as their sensory deprivation (depravation?) intensifies the experience of slippery hands and a warm mouth on their rock-hard cocks! Includes two Manhandle Media previews. If you like authentic homemade porn you'll want to add these hot sessions to your library. Real Men. Real Raw. Can You Handle It?


College jock Ethan agrees to being bound to the chair and as the he zones in on the sounds of porno flick he quickly gets hard. I start jerking his cock and he responds to my strokes so I start blowing him. I can tell he's very excited and soon Ethan blows his load on my tongue.

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Before he lets me bind him up, Officer Zack wants to watch some of the porno flick and pull on his cock to get it hard. As soon as he's ready I tie his hands and blindfold him before we continue. His cock swells up in my hands as I jerk it and lick the head. When I go down on Zack he starts fucking my mouth and in no time he's moaning loudly and shooting his load on my lips.

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Seth sees Officer Zack's uniform hanging on the door and he puts it on, and as soon as he's blindfolded and bound it looks like Seth is ready to go. His cock sticks out straight from him boxers waiting for some attention so I begin giving him a blowjob. He squirms in the chair as I suck on his balls and devour his cock. Seth moans loudly as he launches a huge load on my face.

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Seth enjoyed wearing Officer Zack's uniform so much he returns for a replay. I let him watch the porno a while and when I start sucking his cock he gets totally into it and starts fucking my face. It doesn’t take long for Seth to blow a creamy wad in my mouth. Only one problem: I forgot to blindfold him. OOPS!

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Blindfold Submission

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