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Virgin Cherry Popped #1

50 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Mav sits down and Boy straddles his dick and sits back slowly. Boy rides it like a champ. Then the boys move to the bed and Mav fucks Boy doggie, with Boy's face pushed into a pillow. The Muscle Boy gets his chance to fuck the Boy. Boy gets on his back, with his feet up, and Muscle Boy slides his dick in Boy's sore hole. Muscle Boy is a bit too rough for Boy, but he takes it anyway. Lots of nice close-ups of deep penetration action. Mav gets back in and gently slides his fat cock back into the Boy's swollen hole. Mav loves feet in his face and licks and sniffs Boy's feet while he drives his cock into his ass. Boy giggles while Mav sucks on his toes. Mav really drills the Boy deep. Boy def gets into it and grabs onto Mav's ass while he's getting fucked. Boy keeps moaning, ''fuck me, fuck me'' over and over.

Virgin Cherry Pop: Fucking Straight Boy

69 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: In this video Oakley sucks cock for the first time, he MAN KISSES for the first time (NO LIE). Also it's special because I give Hunter his FIRST virgin Cherry to pop, and he did a great job! We decided to show this boy a fun weekend in Salem, MA, and we ended up crashing at a cheep motel and that's where all the fucking happened. Oakley's moans and whimpering made my cock rock hard, and that tight, hairy, virgin cherry ass was sweet like cherry pie. You will like our buddy Oakley; he is a sexy, masculine, chill, funny boy, perfect boy friend material if any ones looking.
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Sleep Over Fuckfest

57 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Then the little imp comes over and sits on my lap, leans in to me close with a big smile on his face and whispers in my ear, ''I want to fuck.'' At that point I grabbed my camera, turned it on and said, ''repeat what you just said.'' We got right down to business. We started out with having Billy slowly pull Hunters sweat shorts down to expose his throbbing cock, and Billy went to town sucking on it till Hunter moaned with pleasure. At that moment I took advantage of that position and started eating Billy's hot little ass. Things quickly escalated to Hunter and I savagely plowing Billy's pink boyhole, bareback. We fucked so hard and long that night, it was exhausting and exhilarating.
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XXX Amsterdam Adventures: Director's Cut

60 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After meeting up face-to-face, we just could not wait to get him back to our hotel so we pulled him in an alley and face raped him for a while. When we got him back to our place and both took turns fucking his sweet bubble butt, this guy shot so much cum while I was pumping his little hard ass that I started laughing!
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Frat Boy Cherry Pop!

48 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Unfortunately, when Frat Boy showed up, he told us he was into it, but wanted to do it only wearing a mask, UGHHHHH! At first I was PISSED that he decided to drop the ''wearing-a-mask'' bomb on us. In fact we were so pissed, that Hunter and I decided to teach him a lesson; SO WE FUCKED him HARD and without mercy till he was screaming! This boy was LOUD, but at the end of it all he was a serious champ and did everything we made him do. He so impressed us with his toughness, that we decided to take him away with us for a few days.
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Virgin Cherry Popped: Return Of Fire Boy

57 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: In this video we start out with some cock sucking then we move into some hot ass eating. YUM! This guy has the best blonde furry ass crack. We loved eating it and getting it ready for some serious fucking. At that point, we move him to our favorite leather chair bend him over and slip our cocks in his tight ass till he is squirming and giggling with pleasure. Then we move him to the kitchen table where we rail his tight hole and suck his sweet little toes and kiss his feet until he laughs and moans. That's when it gets hard core and the fucking gets real and the cum starts splashing. This one is seriously cherry!

Virgin Cherry Pop! - Gone Camping

75 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: We come across an abandoned cabin and I (Hunter) bend Billy over and nail his little butt bareback for a while. We make our way back to camp and get cleaned up. Cole Videos up playing around in the shower. We head back to our cabin and Cole and I take turns fucking Billy's ass, bareback. Cole drives in deep and really fucks Billy hard, covering his mouth to keep his moans silent. There's other campers in the cabin too! Billy reaches out and grabs my hog while I'm filming, so I whip it out and he sucks me off while Cole continues to nail his butt. Cole and Billy both take turns sucking me off. I get some really good close ups of Cole fucking the hell outta Billy.

Breaking And Entering

50 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Little T is back and this time he's in need of some punishment. This time it's just me and Little T, while my boy Hunter holds the camera. I tie Little T up, blind fold him, and have my way with him. There's tons of tickling and spanking. I work over Little T's fat cock and get him all worked up. Then, Little T gets down and sucks my cock, gets it all wet, then sits on my hog and rides it till he cums.

Maverick And Hunter's
Hot Fucking Home Videos #1

50 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Hunter and Mav kiss passionately; the boys hadn't seen each other in a while. Mav gets his cock sucked for a while. Then, Hunter lays on the bed and Mav feasts on his muscle butt. The boys break out the massage table, Mav climbs up and Hunter deep throats his fat tool. Then Hunter climbs up on the table on his belly with his cock and balls pushed though his legs. Mav eats him up and then flips him over and fingers Hunter's hole. Mav pounds out Hunter on the table and shoots his wad all over Hunter's hairy hole.
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All Night Fuck Fest

46 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Little T starts by blowing Muscle Boy and shows his ball-licking-while-cock-sucking talents. MaverickMan whips out his monster cock and gets in the action too. Muscle Boy gets down to eating Little T's ass and gets his hole wet and ready for some hot bareback fucking. MaverickMan is the first to fuck and the boys take turns fucking and sucking for a while. Both MaverickMan and Muscle Boy blow their loads on Little T's face.

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