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The Mandy Goodhandy Show #35
Deano Valentine

The Mandy Goodhandy show is shot in front of a live nightclub audience every Wednesday at Goodhandy's, a Toronto pansexual bar. The show includes the raw and intelligent comedy of Mandy Goodhandy (a cross between Rosanne Barr and Joan Rivers with a dick), audience participation and live naked guys wrestling, followed by a live porn shoot right on stage in front of the audience. Volume 35 is a double header, containing 2 weeks of the Mandy Show, 2 hardcore live shoots, and one bonus after hours fuck scene. Volume 35 is the introduction of a Mexican model named Deano Valentine, who has possibly the thickest, longest cock we have seen at AmateurCanadianGuys. Todd Klinck, Producer

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Mandy comes out to warm up the audience and announces tonight's show will be a gusher! Trevor and Jaymz are on the barrels in the background wearing nothing but a towel. Mandy introduces them. Apparently some of the boys went out to get some dinner. They come back during the show and go back stage to eat it. Mandy confronts them about it when they come out on stage in their towels. Then she introduces the rest of the models. Tonight we have Justin, Trevor, Jaymz, Skratch, Gavin and introducing ''T''. The boys all sit on the couch on the stage in the background and jerk-off while Mandy continues with the intro. Mandy introduces the wrestling portion of the show. Skratch and Gavin get things started. Trevor joins in. Then Jaymz. The boys all wrestle around and spank each other.

Following the Mandy Show, it's time for the Gusher Video, featuring Silver, Skratch, Jaymz, Justin, Trevor, and Gavin. This is a live on stage presentation where all the boys will jerk-off and cum in front of a packed night club full of gay men and their allies. And they're off! Justin was a naughty boy earlier and failed to appear during the wrestling portion of the show, so now he's made a deal. He says he's going to suck each of the boy's cocks for a minute to make up for it. We only see him go down on Jaymz. Skratch is the first to cum. Next it's ''Tripod'' Trevor, then Silver, Jaymz, Justin and Gavin. All in less than 10 minutes!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The next week is a special show, featuring a boy we brought in from Montreal named Deano Valentine. The club is packed with guys looking to see the ''fresh meat''. Mandy introduces Deano. Deano is a super hot young boy from Mexico, residing in Montreal. He works at a strip club in Montreal. He comes out on stage and dances for the audience.

Mandy introduces the Mayhem North models. There's Jaymz, Christophe, Trevor, Justin, Bobby Q, Gavin, and Jon. Deano comes out of the dressing room and joins the boys. They're going to be wrestling together on stage. In the meantime a very loud man shows up and heckles. Mandy turns it into part of the show and it's hilarious! The boys wrestle and spank each other on stage.

The models will be jerking off now! We dare you to name another nightclub in Toronto where you would hear that. And what better opening line to introduce this hot Gusher featuring Deano Valentine and 6 of our Mayhem North boys! The Mayhem North models participating in this gusher will be Bobby Q, Gavin, Jaymz, Jon, Trevor, and Justin. Mandy introduces them one by one. They sit on the couch in front of the audience as they're being introduced and some of them are already jerking off. The boys all head up onto the stage and kneel down ready to start the shoot. Lots of cock sucking and jerking off. There's quite a few of our most well endowed models in this shoot! Deano Valentine, our special guest, has a huge uncut cock.

Trevor is first to cum tonight. Mandy thinks the boys are being boring so she comes up onto the stage to direct them a little. Now we have something much more visually stimulating! Someone give Justin a cock, please! Bobby Q is the next gusher. Then Justin blows his load. There has been chemistry boiling between Deano and Jaymz --- two young boys with massive uncut cocks. They ask if they can finish the shoot in the studio, where it is more intimate. Todd says ''Of Course!'', knowing that we are going to be in for a super hot treat. Gavin and Jon continue their jerk-off on stage. Gavin cums.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Before Deano and Jaymz head upstairs, two audience members decide they want to give Deano a lap dance on stage. They're two hot young gay boys and they can move! They strip down and give a real erotic performance using Deano as their prop. (They are fully aware this will appear on video, and willingly sign release forms). Mandy then introduces the next portion of the show which will be Deano and Jaymz fucking, up in the studio. The patrons of the club will get to see it live as it s happening on the big screen and all the other screens mounted throughout the club.

Cut to: Up in the Studio. Jaymz and Deano have wanted to be alone all night, so they get right down to business. They kiss and jerk each other off. Both of them have huge hard cocks. Deano shoves his into Jaymz's mouth. Deano licks Jaymz's ass then flips him over and sucks his cock. They suck each other's cocks back and forth. Then Deano shoves his cock in to Jaymz's ass. They fuck and Deano pulls out and cums right on Jaymz's ass. Jaymz and Deano cum simultaneously but only Deano's is caught on film. What a big load too! One of the hottest things in porn production is when the models have genuine chemistry --- this is one of those rare and beautiful scenes!

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The Mandy Goodhandy Show #35
Deano Valentine

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