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Tim Thomas Stuffs
Justin Mayhem's Hole

The Mandy Goodhandy show is shot in front of a live nightclub audience every Wednesday at Goodhandy's, a Toronto pansexual bar. The show includes the raw and intelligent comedy of Mandy Goodhandy, followed by a live porn shoot right on stage in front of the audience. Volume 53 features 2 weeks of the Mandy Show plus 3 live sex scenes. Todd Klinck, Producer

Week 1:

Some of the boys are doing their pre-cum show around the bar. Mandy Goodhandy opens up the show by having some fun with some out-of-towners in the audience, with her usual mix of comedy and smut. Mandy then introduces our male models, Shakur, Jaymz Joynt, Justin Mayhem, Latte, Tim Thomas and Bud. Just before the halftime show starts, Mandy reintroduces Latte and Shakur. They will be doing the halftime show. First a guy from the audience comes up to talk to Mandy. He gets friendly with the models. Then without even being asked he pulls up his shirt, opens his pants and whips out his cock! The audience tells him to bend over and he does. Coming up after this is the Halftime Show with Shakur and Latte.

Shakur and Latte make out on the couch. They stroke each other's cocks. Shakur gets out a dildo and shoves it into his ass while he jerks off. He cums and Latte goes up to the studio to finish off. He Jerks off and cums.

Justin, Tim and Jaymz start off with a three-way oral session. Then Tim stuffs Justin's hole with his cock. He makes an attempt to fuck Jaymz but it doesn't happen. He fucks Justin again and then grabs a dildo. Now Tim wants his hole stuffed. Justin helps him out a bit and he cums on stage. Justin and Jaymz are later caught being naughty on the bench at the back of the bar so Todd captures it with his digital camera and has to use a flashlight to capture the gush. Jaymz and Justin are jerking off and Jaymz cums.

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Week 2:

Mandy opens up the show. She has fun with the audience and interviews random audience members who sit up close. She describes what the show is going to be tonight. Bud is introduced along with Renato who's a new boy. They will be involved in something later.

Mandy introduces Renato. This is his first night with us. Tonight Bud and Renato will be doing some wrestling and oral on the mats and then they go up onto the stage and continue with more oral and Bud shoves a dildo up Renato's ass. They jerk-off and then Bud heads up to the studio where he continues his jerk-off and he gets joined by a boy who volunteers his cock for Renato's visual stimulation. Renato ends up sucking his cock. He cums and thanks the boy's penis' for helping.

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Tim Thomas Stuffs Justin Mayhem's Hole

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