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Goodhandy's Live Twink Sex

Pansexual nightclub Goodhandy's in Toronto has become notorious for its live sex porn shoots. Directed by comedian Mandy Goodhandy, the scenes are always unique, amateur, and real. Goodhandy's Live Twink Sex contains 4 full-length live sex shoots starring an assortment of hot and sexy twinks, all shot live on stage at Goodhandy's. - Todd Klinck, Producer, Mayhem North.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Nate and Tim Thomas will be the background players in tonight's video. Johnny Maverick and Kihoe Cedars will be doing an oral display as Tim and Nate fuck a double headed dildo in the background. First off Tim and Nate warm things up with some oral and Nate dives into Tim's ass face first. Then Johnny and Kihoe begin their oral show. Johnny eats out Kihoe's ass. Then Kihoe returns the favor. Kihoe fingers Johnny's ass. They suck each other's cocks and jerk-off. Johnny cums on Kihoe's face then Kihoe cums. Tim and Nate both cum together with the double headed dildo in their ass. This shoot was originally intended to be 2 separate scenes, but at the last minute we decided to film them simultaneously. It's pure mayhem and madness. We used two video cameras, so if you really love the shoot, check the bonus track on this DVD.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Jaymz Joynt, Kevin Carson and Kihoe Cedars are three twinks with big dicks and they re going to get it on live on stage. There's lots of cock sucking madness and jerking. Kevin fucks Jaymz. Jaymz and Kevin both cum on stage.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Mandy calls up a member of the audience who would like to participate in the show. Will gets his cock sucked by our model David Reaper. They become the side show while the feature performance is happening. Nate, Tim Thomas and Kevin Carson come out on stage. There is lots of oral between the boys and fucking. Nate is the first to get fucked. Tim shoves his cock into Nate as he sucks Kevin's cock. Then Kevin Carson fucks Nate. Tim sits on Nate's face while he's getting fucked. Then the boys try something a little different. Nate bends over the fuck bench while Tim shoves his cock into his ass. Kevin comes from behind and shoves his cock into Tim creating a chain bang. Kevin and Tim take turns back and forth fucking Nate. Will cums on David's face. Kevin fucks Tim again. Nate and Tim bring out ''Big Bertha'' the double headed dildo. They fuck ass to ass with it. Then Nate works it with his hand in Tim's ass. Kevin jerks-off and cums all over Tim and it inspires Tim to cum at the same time.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Justin Mayhem and Brad St. James get things started on stage. Brad sucks Justin's cock. Justin sucks Brad's cock then he fucks Brad. Now our gushers are in the background. Tim Thomas and Kevin Carson jerk-off while the other two fuck. Tim cums on Brad. Justin keeps fucking Brad and spanks him. Brad and Justin head up to the studio. Justin fucks Brad some more and he sucks Justin's cock.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

The Johnny Maverick / Kihoe Cedars duo was meant to be a feature performance. For reasons I won't mention, Kihoe was unable to receive anal, so we decided at the last minute to combine Johnny and Kihoe's scene with Nate and Tim Thomas's scene. That meant bringing out a second video camera. Rather than attempting to edit the two disparate tapes of footage together (one was HD, one was regular video) we decided to just release the 2nd camera footage as a bonus track. (This footage was shot by Todd Klinck).

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Mandy Goodhandy Preview from 1/28/2009. Plus...Mandy Goodhandy is part-way through her goal of spanking 100 boys for the year 2009. As a bonus track on the DVD, check out Mandy spanking Goodhandy's popular (and very sexy) security staff member Cesar, who is ''lending his ass to the cause''. He takes off his shirt and pants and bends over for 20 spanks.

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Goodhandy's Live Twink Sex

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