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Goodhandy's Live Sex #4

from Mayhem North
MHN166   •   103 Minutes   •   Live Sound

Continuing with the Goodhandy's Live Sex Series, we present 5 new scenes shot on stage, live, in front of a real nightclub audience. Notable: a scene with U.S. Pornstars Andre Barclay and Dominik Rider, and a 9-boy orgy. - Producer, Todd Klinck

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Andre Barclay and Dominik Rider are very well known US pornstars who were visiting Goodhandy's this summer. Andre appeared in a popular scene with Johnny Maverick (in Mandy Goodhandy Show Volume 50) so we asked them if they wanted to come to our men-only sex party and shoot a scene in front of the audience. They agree and Andre fucks Dominik hard on stage.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Tim Thomas and Joey Taylor are real life boyfriends. Tonight they are going to fuck live on stage at Goodhandy s nightclub. This video contains lots of back and forth oral including ass rimming. Tim fucks Joey long and hard in all kinds of positions. Then ass he s fucking him he pulls out and rips off his condom and cums all over his back and ass. Then they head upstairs to shower where the mayhem continues. They soap each other up and Tim gives Joey a hand job. They leave the shower and continue on the bed. Joey jerks off and cums.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Matthew and Jaymz start backstage with some oral. They come out on stage and continue. This video contains lots of flip-flop oral, kissing, jerking and hardcore fucking. The boys finish in the studio and they both cum.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

9 Boys take to the Goodhandy's stage tonight and two of them are straight. One of them is brand new to Goodhandy's. His name is Arnie and he's a cute young black boy with a nice bod. This video contains 9 boys jerking and there is lots of flip-flop oral galore. At one point Tim Thomas grabs a big black dildo and shoves it in his ass. Arnie, who is one of the straight boys gets his cock sucked. 7 of the boys cum live on stage and Zack cums with the help of Jaymz Joynt up in the studio.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

In this shoot (which we called ''Straight Boy Firsts'') Jackson Pryce will go down on a cock for the first time and Libra will get his cock sucked by a guy for the first time. This is an oral/ jerk-off including Tripod Trevor. All three boys cum live on stage.
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Goodhandy's Live Sex #4

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