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Mayhem Men #8
Lounge Strippers Jerk Off

Producer's Note: ''The Lounge'' is a unique club space located near Toronto, Canada, promoted by Shemale Entertainer Amanda Taylor (aka Mandy Goodhandy). The Lounge offers male and shemale strippers in the suburbs, and has been doing so since March 2003. All strippers who work for the Lounge do a jerk-off video, which is then projected on the big-screen while they do their stage show. Mayhem North's jerk-off videos are done in an interview format, and most of these young men are first-timers for being naked on camera. This volume is a little bit different than our others in that most of the models did not end up staying on as strippers at the Lounge, and had ulterior motives for attending the interview. Mandy has another website called ''Ladyplus'' which promotes shemale events in Toronto, and that site generates a lot of interest from boys who are interested in ''ladies with something extra''. In most cases, the boys in Mayhem Men #8 are very aware of who Mandy is, and are more interested in getting naked and playing with themselves in the hope that they will get ''inspiration'' from Mandy. Mandy did not divulge to me what actually happened during these videos, but if you watch carefully you will notice hands and heads disappearing off camera and you can let your imagination wander. A must see for those who like ''ladies with something extra'', and discreet enough to appeal to guys and girls who just like watching hot boys being interviewed and jerking off for the first time on camera.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Ace, a 23 year old Italian boy, is rock hard from the moment he undresses. A basically straight boy into the swinger scene, he's been fantasizing about shemales for a while. I've never seen a boy so turned on by Mandy. Not that Mandy doesn't turn on many boys, quite the contrary, but with Ace you can see it in every gulp he takes, in the way his eyes never leave her, he is captivated. He licks his lips, hands disappear, and maybe a head or mouth, I can't really tell what happens, and Mandy is not one to ''kiss and tell''. His legs are lifted into the air, and he asks her to move a little closer. Not one to give in to the whims of boys, Mandy instructs him to turn around and show off his hot ass. She asks him if he likes toys, he says ''yes''. He sits back down, more disappearing of his head and hands, and Mandy asks him if he is ready. He says yes, and works on his cock until he shoots a load. We like 23 year old Italian boys. (Note: this is one of my personal favorites of Mandy's scene - the blend of eroticism and control and camera work are all in perfect balance. Hopefully this boy returns soon!)

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Benoit was sent to us from another producer in town. He's a seasoned pro stripper from Montreal, the type that never last at the Lounge for more than a night, because we are too unconventional and they think they know how a strip club ''should'' be. But before he started his stage show, he did his jerk off video, so we didn't mind that he walked out of the club without saying goodbye an hour later. Enjoy this massively muscular guy with a peculiar 'SLAVE' tattoo in his pubic area (when he is asked if he is a slave, he says he is both, and makes the interesting comment in his French accent ''Writing down master would be too arrogant''). Another one whose head and hands seem to be disappearing, who thanks Mandy for her ''help'' in inspiring him during the shoot. Lots of posing and flexing and showing off of his big cock. And the bonus: he eats his own cum.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Dallas - 6 foot 4, first time on video. Dallas needed much convincing from Mandy to do the video. Normally not one for wasting time, Mandy invested the good part of an hour talking with Dallas in the hallway before he finally became comfortable enough to do his video. So turned on, he cums really quickly, so we include his screen test as well, which is a very interesting way to get to know this west coast Canadian boy. Beautiful body, ass, and cock.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Sal, another Quebec boy with a solid body from working construction and a fat uncut cock. It's always hard to tell when boys know that Mandy is a lady with ''something extra'' or not. They are so cagey about their desires, often they have done full research on the internet and know everything, yet they pretend they know nothing. Sal is a fascinating study, you watch him discover Mandy's ''extra'' right on cam, and you can tell it was the last thing he thought he'd see. His hands and mouth disappear off camera almost immediately though, carried away in the moment.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Mo is one of the regular ''nude boys'' (we don't call them strippers) at the Lounge, and this is his first Lounge jerk-off video. He has been in Mayhem North's roster for a couple years, but as you can see in this scene, he still has chemistry with Mandy, which is why he is included in this volume.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Jasper doesn't have the most amazing upper body, looks stoned out of his mind on weed, but has a massive cock and clearly is a piggish boy open to anything. Definitely into shemales, which Mandy finds out after he first pretends not to be. You can definitely hear slurping at one point in this shoot, during Mandy's famous ''over the shoulder'' shot. Afterwards, she asks him ''Was that the first time you've done that?'' and he replies ''Yes'', only to admit a couple minutes later that he just said that because it's what he thought she wanted to here. When he cums, he doesn't even both to wipe it up, leaves it on his stomach, puts on his t-shirt, and walks away.

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

''Curious'' George is a true country straight boy, with some ''curiosity'' about ladies with something extra. Sometimes Mandy takes a model for a brief screen test into the coat check - in George's case, there is very little light, but I've included the screen test because it is interesting to watch in understanding the dynamic of the relationship developing with Mandy. After convincing George to get up on the boxes for customers, even though he thought it would be ''weird'' to dance for men, he goes to the booth for his jerk-off scene. Mandy positions him with his legs in the air a lot, with little comment or instruction, and you can see titillation and ''curiosity'' on his face, as in ''what's going to happen next''. Lots of showing off of his ass, and a big cumshot to finish it off.

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Amateur Video Scene 8:

Ash is another horny boy who showed up because he wanted to jerk off for Mandy. Interesting long and skinny cock, he cums pretty quickly.

Cumshot Compilation - a cumshot compilation is included summarizing the orgasm of each model on this tape.

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Mayhem Men #8 - Lounge Strippers Jerk Off

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