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The Lounge After Hours #3

Producer's Note: The Lounge is a unique club space in Mississauga operated by Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck. We offer ''nude boys'' (we don't call them strippers) for a small, selective audience, and our boys often do adult videos ''after hours''. The ''After Hours'' series contains all hardcore and/or group scenes starring the ''nude boys'' of the Lounge. - Todd Klinck


Mathews is a beautiful South American boy with a ripped, muscular body and a massive uncut cock - I'd estimate it is more than 9-inches. When he showed up at the Lounge one evening, he was reluctant to do a jerk off video. So we had to bribe him with a beautiful straight man, who just happened to be available and willing to get naked in front of him. The only stipulation was, we can't tell you who this mystery man is, and we blurred his face in the video (a la Cops). Mathews obviously is an ass-man, and spends the whole video just staring at this straight boy's ass and cock, and then shoots his load.

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Bam-Bam Gets it Up the Bum-Bum:

Paul, our resident muscle boy and total pervert, was bugging us that he wanted to do a video one night after work. We asked him what he was willing to do. Bam-Bam, our cute, somewhat damaged black boy with a massive cock was also available, and had agreed to get fucked. (Bam-Bam is another one of those guys who describes himself as straight, and says he will get fucked, but he won't suck cock). Paul agreed to suck cock and fuck Bam-Bam. Mo was also around, but he won't do anything on video (yet) with other guys. So we start this scene with a ''private show'' for two of our good customers, ''After Hours''. You can see the back of the heads of the two middle-aged men, and watch them enjoy all 3 boys dancing around on boxes and the stage, just for them. Paul even stirs their drinks with his cock at one point, and lets them cop a feel. Then all three boys go to the VIP area for some fun. Paul starts sucking Bam-Bam's cock for a while, and then tries to fuck him. Since Mo won't do anything with boys, he just plays with his big cock, and makes himself useful by holding Bam-Bam's legs in the air for Paul and providing lube when needed. When it becomes clear that Bam-Bam is one TIGHT boy, Mo brings in the dildo, and Paul loosens Bam-Bam up. After a good dildo fucking, Paul fucks Bam-Bam's ass. Then the three guys sit in a row and jerk off together.

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Mark's Screen Test and Jerk Off Scene:

Mark is a mysterious straight boy from a town five hours away from our club. He arrived one week and was comfortable enough to do a still photo shoot, and danced. Much to our surprise, he showed up again the following week (and for about 8 weeks after that). This is the first time he's ever appeared on video, just a very quick interview and a ''once over''. This is to prove he will be comfortable for the next scene, which takes place a few hours later. This scene, shot by Mandy, and consists of Mark jerking off in the VIP area. You can tell that the club is open, because you can hear the DJ (me) announcing shows, and Mandy occasionally pans the camera up and over to show Benoit's stage show (Benoit is a super-muscle-bound guy, see Mayhem Men #8 - Lounge Strippers Jerk Off). Mark's cock takes a while to grow, but when it does, he reveals that he has quite a massive piece. In the end, he shoots his load.

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Bam-Bam Gets it Up the Bum-Bum Bonus Footage:

This is an assortment of extra footage that I shot on our other video camera. Come behind the scenes at the Lounge, After Hours.

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The Lounge After Hours #3

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