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Mayhem Virgin Sex

Producer's Note: Formerly released as two separate titles, we've decided to bring you both ''Virgin Sex'' scenes together. Watch 2 guys get pounded for the very first time. These guys are real anal sex virgins, we're not just saying it!

Clark and Marcos:

Clark is a horny little bisexual boy who lives a double life. He has a wife and child, and fulfilled some of his desires by working as a cyber-sex model and occasional stripper, claiming it was ''for the money''. But he made daily advances towards Marcos, a gorgeous bodybuilder. I finally said, ''OK boys, let's deal with this desire and shoot a sex video.'' Clark had never been fucked, and wanted to experience it. I told Marcos he was the boss, and that he should have a bit of a playful battle for power with Clark first, make him work for the privilege of getting his cock. Marcos liked the set-up, and agreed to do it.

This video is Mayhem North's most hardcore shoot to date, and very hot, because there is REAL chemistry between the guys. Marcos just moved to Canada 6 months ago, and said he had still never fucked a boy up the ass. I shot the scene handheld, and didn't use the zoom button, I physically moved in close to the action. At times I am 1 inch away from their bodies, and a couple times I get bumped when they get too close. This brings you right into the action. Watch Clark take it like a man for the first time, and watch Marcos pound Clark like a bitch.

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Marshall and Paul:

Marshall and Paul met each other working at the Lounge (a strip club). Marshall has dabbled a little with men, but up until now he's never been fucked (other than with a toy). He's also always been very resistant to the idea of kissing or sucking cock. I sensed there was some sort of chemistry between Marshall and Paul, (who is very bisexual), so we paired them up one night and gave them very little direction, other than to say ''Paul, you're in charge'' and ''Make it hot''.

The scene starts in the living room, where the guys sit nervously on a couch side-by-side. I didn't want the phony acting thing, so I told them just to be themselves, chat a bit about the day, and see where things went. Soon enough, Paul leans over and kisses Marshall. That leads to a long necking session, and then Marshall ends up going down on Paul's rock hard cock. Paul returns the favor, and they decide to move to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Paul gets down to business pretty quick, and grabs a dildo and tells Marshall to loosen himself up. Marshall complies, and soon after, Paul is guiding his big cock up Marshall's ass. Marshall likes it, you can tell, and after a good hard fucking, Paul pulls out and cums on Marshall's ass. Marshall is a true bottom in this scene, it is all about Paul's pleasure, Marshall just stays doggy style and takes the fucking. After Paul's finished, you can tell how much Marshall liked it when Marshall starts gasping about how amazing it was, how great Paul's cock is. Then Marshall and Paul lie down next to each other, Marshall jerks off, and much to my surprise, Paul shoots a second load. Finished, the boys hit the shower to clean each other off.

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Mayhem Virgin Sex

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