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Mayhem Men #11
Black Boys Jerk Off

The majority of the boys appearing on this volume have appeared at ''the Lounge'', which is a unique club space located near Toronto, Canada, promoted by Shemale Entertainer Amanda Taylor (aka Mandy Goodhandy) and Todd Klinck. The Lounge offers male and shemale strippers in the suburbs, and has been doing so since March 2003. All male strippers who work for the Lounge do a jerk-off video, which is then projected on the big-screen while they do their stage show. Mayhem North's jerk-off videos are done in an interview format, and most of these young men are first-timers for being naked on camera. This video features 9 black boys, including one who appears with a toy. All interviews are done by either Mandy Goodhandy or Todd Klinck.


Jackson has just returned to Canada after 14 years in Jamaica, to study at college here. He was born in Canada, lived here until he was 5, and then spent the rest of his years in Jamaica. At the time of this shooting, he was not really sure what his sexuality was, just saying that he enjoyed sex with girls and boys both. He has been regularly appearing at the Lounge, and from the crushes he has shown towards some of the other Lounge boys, I think this boy is ready to explore his male-male sexuality a lot more. He has a beautiful MASSIVE cock, which he jerks off for Todd.

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Richie is from Ghana, and from his accent, it seems he has just arrived. He did come to the Lounge one evening, but he only performed one show, and then he packed his bags and left (he told us that he just couldn't handle the idea of dancing for a mostly male audience). But in this interview with Mandy, he is fascinated by the fact that she is a shemale, and indicates that he would love it if she would fuck him up the ass (which she does not do). But she fully takes advantage of the situation by asking him to show off his ass for ''the masses'' - Mandy's favorite thing is to get boys to ''display themselves'' for the world. She is all about sharing....

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Ice is a very muscular, thug-like dude with a big, uncut cock who has appeared at the Lounge periodically over the past couple years. He is a big-time shemale lover, which meant that he was more than co-operative and generous with his body during this video, which of course was shot by Mandy. At one point during the video, which was shot in the VIP section of the Lounge, Mandy pans over to the stage, where you can see Paul Spankman doing a stage show. This is a very hot scene, with lots of ass displaying by Ice, and of course it ends in an orgasm.

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Nathan did not appear on the Lounge stage, but nonetheless, this is an interesting interview/video. He claims in the video that he has never been with men, but that he very much would like to try everything and anything with men, shemales and ladies. The way he poses for the camera indicates to me that he is either lying to us about his lack of experience, or more likely, he has spent a lot of time playing with himself in front of mirrors at home. Anyway you look at it, this boy is a total pervert who knows how to show off his ass, his nice big cock, and seems desperately in need of a good, hard fuck. We hope Nathan will return one day to do a sex video with men, this is something he told us he really wants to do!

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This is one of my favorite videos on the volume. Ron came to us when we advertised for guys, for our one straight video series, the Mayhem Sex Club series. This is a video where we brought in one girl, who was to be fucked by one guy, while a group of other guys watched and jerked off. Ron ended up being in that video, but this is his solo jerk off video/interview where he proved to us that he would be able to perform. Mandy is an expert in the video-taping of boys, and has been video-taping boys for many years more than me. And her exact words after shooting this video were: ''That was the biggest penis I have EVER filmed or seen, in my life''. So watch this knowing that Ron's penis is probably the biggest one Mayhem North has ever seen. He is also a fascinating guy, being so rough and gruff and non-communicative. Definitely a hot scene!

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Jayden claims to be a budding music producer, and many other things, but all that matters to us is that he performed well in this jerk off video. He did appear one evening at the Lounge, but I don't think the Lounge was for him, as he never returned. Nonetheless, he has an incredibly ripped body, a very nice big cock, and he jerks off and shoots his load for Mandy.

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Juan is an example of one of the stupidest mistakes I have ever made. We receive a lot of e-mails from prospective models, and one of the realities is that models often do not have good photos of themselves. I tell them: ''We are going to be utterly honest, if you send us photos, and we don't think we can use you, we will tell you so, so you don't waste your time or ours coming in for an interview''. Often a model will send us a photo that is from a very discreet angle, or obviously is very old, or is obviously air-brushed. In those cases, I tell them ''you have to come in in person.'' Juan sent me a few photos that were obviously current, and real, but that were the most unflattering photos one could ever imagine. I told him bluntly ''Don't bother coming in'', but he was persistent and told me he could take rejection, and he wanted to come in. I thought he was too flabby, but it turned out it was just bad angles, and when he showed up, we were pleasantly surprised to meet a very sexy, very fit, and swell guy who is very bisexual and kinky and open-minded. The video turned out well, filmed by Mandy, with a lot of dirty talk and fantasy from Juan, who jerks off with his legs in the air talking about how he wants a cock in his mouth, his ass, and another few cocks nearby for him to just take a look at. Juan appeared at the Lounge several times, and he is a total sweetie. He disappeared at the end of last year, but he told us he will be back this winter, so we are waiting to see if he will return. Bottom line is this: I sometimes make stupid mistakes, and my stupid mistake was almost rejecting this super-sexy dude. I am glad he was confident and persistent and he proved me totally wrong!

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Latte is one of the original Lounge strippers. He started at the Lounge within a couple months of our opening, and was always known for his creative and sometimes strange performances. As we do not promote ''dancing'' at the Lounge, as we are trying to create a unique atmosphere (ie: we are not trying to do the Chippendales route), sometimes Latte's creative efforts caused tensions - he was so into his ''show'' that he didn't keep his feet on the ground about reality - for example, once he walked into the club with an actual live parakeet in a cage, telling me ''This is part of my show''. Of course, I told him he had to leave immediately, and take his bird with him - you cannot bring live animals into a club! But that is part of Latte's charm - he considers himself an artist, and he enjoyed expressing himself as an artist at the Lounge. This is one of our very first solo jerk off videos that we shot - when the Lounge first opened, we did not make all the guys do videos. The video quality and lighting is not as good as in the other videos on this DVD, because we were still learning, but it is still a sexy black guy with a very large sexy black cock, jerking off.

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Dale and his Toy:

Dale actually came to our studio several years earlier, and performed in a solo jerk off video. When we advertised for performers to come to the Lounge, he wandered in one evening, and I pointed out to Mandy that we had already shot a solo video of Dale, so there was no point in shooting a second video. Dale asked us what he could do to make the second video special, so we asked him if he was willing to take a dildo up his ass. This was not a problem - he describes himself as a straight guy, but one who has gotten himself into three-somes and kinky encounters where a cock has ended up going into his ass. This is something he has learned to enjoy, and he demonstrates his ability to shove a dildo up his ass for Mandy in this scene.

The Cum-Shots:
I have taken all the cum-shots in this DVD and put them together into one scene.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Mayhem Men #11 - Black Boys Jerk Off

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