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Side-By-Side #4
Bobby, Mitch And MJ

The formula for our Side-By-Side series is simple - Mandy Goodhandy brings together 2 or more straight (or mostly straight) guys and puts them ''Side-By-Side'' and sees what she can get them to do to each other. The boys in the Side-By-Side series are models that we want to go further, that we think have potential to eventually do hardcore sex videos with other guys. We tell them that to start, they can just do Side-By-Side videos, because that concept is a little less threatening than diving straight into a sex video. Sometimes it will be just touching, other times it will be oral, and in some cases they will even fuck each other. The pacing of the videos is slow, real-time, and the content of the video is reality.

The series continues with Volume 4, starring Mitch, MJ and Bobby. Mitch is one of the more experienced Mayhem North models, this ''straight with a twist'' guy has gotten fucked, fucked, sucked, and is open to pretty much everything. MJ is a newer model, and this video marks a progression for him - it is the first time he has allowed another guy to suck his cock. And Bobby is a rugged, mid-30's rough man whose tattoos remind me of incarceration. Bobby is one of those guys who identifies as straight, and who will take things up his ass, but he will not suck cock. This DVD also contains 2 solo jerk off scenes - one is of Bobby, the very first time he has appeared on video, and the other is footage taken from a webcam show starring Mitch and his beautiful ass.

Todd Klinck, Producer

Bobby Solo:

Bobby is a kinky guy whose tattoos make me think of incarceration. He is in his mid-30's, and has an incredibly ripped, built body. He worked at our strip club the Lounge for a brief spell, and he appeared in a solo video, as well as the side-by-side. This solo video was shot by Mandy, who probed Bobby about his experiences, and discovers that Bobby has recently been to a downtown gay bar and experienced getting fucked up the ass. Bobby makes it clear that he does not like the idea of sucking cock at all, but he really likes it up the ass.

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Bobby, Mitch, and MJ, Side-By-Side:

This video was shot in the Lounge (our Mississauga, Ontario strip club) late one night, after the club was closed. Mitch, MJ, and Bobby are possibly the most passive of all Mayhem North models, but Mandy's gift is taking boys and getting them to expand their horizons. MJ, up until now, would only do solo videos, or ''touching other boys'' videos, but he agreed this time to get his dick sucked by Mitch. First Mandy gets the boys to line up and play with each others' cocks, ''the reach-over'', as she calls it. Then Mitch gets on his knees and sucks both other boys cocks. One of the hottest images in this video is the sight of Mitch on his knees in front of the 6'3'' thuggish looking rough-neck Bobby, almost like a prison fantasy. Then Mitch disappears out of the frame, and surprises us by appearing with a dildo, and shoving it up Bobby's ass. Bobby takes the dildo for quite some time, and Mitch continues to alternate between sucking on both boys' cocks and playing with Bobby's ass. Bobby ends up dildoing himself for a while, and in the end, all boys cum. Bobby is clearly into this whole scenario, as his erection proves - he stays hard for the whole shoot.

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Mitch's Webcam Show:

Mayhem North operates a membership site as well, and for a time, we were doing webcam shows for our members. The show lasted one hour, but for this DVD, I have edited the hottest 15 minutes from it. You get to see Mitch being himself, chatting with members, showing off his beautiful ass, and shooting a load.

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Mitch's Shower:

I followed Mitch to the shower after his webcam show and taped him some more.

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Bonus Footage:

Cum-Shot compilation: All the cum-shots from this film are compiled.

Camera 2: This is Camera 2 footage from the Bobby, Mitch and MJ shoot, bringing you behind-the-scenes to a Mayhem North production.

Plus previews of several other Side-By-Side videos.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Side-By-Side #4 - Bobby, Mitch And MJ

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