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Side-By-Side #7
MJ's First Toy

The formula for the Mandy Goodhandy Side-By-Side series is simple - put two straight, or semi-straight boys next to each other and see what they will do to each other under Mandy's direction. In Volume 7 of this series, Mandy brings back Rich, from Side-By-Side #2 and Side-By-Side #6, and MJ, from Side-By-Side #3 and Side-By-Side #4 to take MJ to the next level - receiving his first dildo.

- Todd Klinck, Producer

MJ's First Toy:

MJ is a beautiful, enigma-like boy who wanders around the Lounge (Mayhem North's Toronto-area strip club) with a smile on his face, quietly talking to customers. Rich is a feisty little Portuguese guy with a beautiful ass and a cock that is never soft. One evening the two boys decided to stay after at the club to make MJ's First Toy video. Rich's purpose in this video is simply to provide commentary, pass the lube, and occasionally help out by holding MJ's legs in the air. Mandy, always the connoisseur of Ass-Displaying, makes sure she gets both boys posed in proper ass-positions all over the tiny couch they are shooting the video on before proceeding to the dildo. It is another one of our ''ghetto-style'' scenes where the boys are uncomfortable (MJ is forced to struggle to balance with his legs up on the tiny upper-edge of the couch) but with Rich's assistance, he does just fine. Once the dildo is in (which he takes quite nicely), MJ plays with his ass from several angles, and then both boys lie together on the couch and jerk off to completion.

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Tito's Solo Scene:

There was no room on Side-By-Side #1: Tito and Jude for either of the boys' solo jerk off scenes. Tito is a stunning Cuban boy with a beautiful uncut cock (curved), incredible abs, and a nice naturally hairy ass. This solo scene is the first time Tito has appeared on video for our company (he has done at least one straight sex scene in the past, as well as some live internet modeling). The interview was shot by Mandy.

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Jude's Solo Scene:

Jude is turning out to be one of the most-requested models when I get e-mails from members of our pay-site asking to see specific models in person at the Lounge. There is something captivating and engaging about this boy - his masculine but gentle energy, his piercing green eyes, his tall, lanky and toned body, and his big uncut cock. This is the first time Jude has appeared on video (other than as an internet model), and the interview portion, conducted by Mandy, gives some insight into Jude's personal tastes...

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Tiger's Solo Scene:

Another one of the Lounge's ''stars'', Tiger was first featured in Mayhem Men #9: Cyber Boys Jerk Off, but he was a bonus scene who never actually achieved orgasm. Tiger worked for us a couple years back when we ran a cyber-sex operation, and then he disappeared for one year. When he wandered into the Lounge a year later, Mandy immediately took him to our shooting location and got that orgasm that we never got the first time around. For those who like their men Asian, Tiger has all the qualities - beautiful skin, beautiful toned body, and a good-sized uncut cock.

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Xander's Solo Scene:

Xander came into our week-night audition sessions which we hold at a downtown health club after it closes. When he phoned me, I thought he was a joke, because he was talking graphically to me about how he was very good looking and had a 9 inch penis. I get a lot of phone calls from prospective models, and when they talk graphically about their body parts, most of the time they are people just calling for the fantasy of talking about their imagined description on the phone with an active audience. I was surprised when Xander walked into the club at the agreed upon meeting time. Mandy took him aside and shot the video. You can see Xander's discomfort when she asks him to show his ass off for the camera, he does it for a bit, and then refuses to co-operate much further with that particular angle, because he says he made it clear that he does not want to get fucked. Mandy was not asking him to get fucked, just to show off his ass, but it is interesting nonetheless to see how he handles it. It turns out he was not lying about his 9 inch penis either. After Xander cums (which happens pretty quickly) I take him down to the shower room to get some video of him taking a shower.

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Bonus Scenes:

Cum shot recaps and 2nd camera footage complete the film.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Side-By-Side #7 - MJ's First Toy

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