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The Lounge After Hours #8
Rex Likes Latex

THE LOUNGE is a real strip-club in Mississsauga, Canada, run by Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck. The After Hours Series contains scenes shot in the club, After Hours This DVD contains two duo scenes.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

As we've mentioned in previous releases, the way we shoot group videos at Mayhem North is we take an inventory of who we have available, we see what they are all comfortable with, and then we come up with a scene that works for everybody. The first scene on this DVD is called ''Rex Likes Latex''. One hot summer evening, muscle boys Rex and Paul Spankman and 18 year old Asian boy Lukky were all wanting to do a video. Rex is a self-admitted obsessive-compulsive boy who does not like to expose himself to germs. In a previous video Paul Spankman is Born he would not let anyone touch him, he just stood on the sidelines. But one day we were asking Rex what other types of videos he would want to do, and he said ''Go out and buy me a box of latex gloves and I will let all of you touch me all over.'' So that is what we did. Paul Spankman starts the video by leading Rex across the stage, blind-folded and handcuffed. He then chains Rex's wrists to the chain hanging from the ceiling and rips off Rex's shirt and underwear. Then Lukky comes in, and both Paul and Lukky put on some latex gloves and start fondling. Rex is obviously in ecstasy, and he tells us that a few times during the video. What I love about Rex in videos is that he is so utterly real and honest about what is going on in his mind. He is so clearly scared that Paul Spankman is going to cum all over him, and because he is handcuffed that makes him more scared. Paul teases him that he is going to do it, and Rex just freaks out. If you count the hands, you will also notice that both me and Mandy are also wearing latex gloves and also helping with the fondling. Once Paul and Lukky cum, Rex is left alone in the room with Mandy, and Mandy makes him show off his ass and finger his bum with the latex glove. The conversation between Mandy and Rex is fascinating, and I can be seen in the background packing up bags and cleaning up the club. At one point you can even hear a fight going on through the wall in the other club - our club was closed, but they were still open. At the end, Rex gives a nice soliloquy about how much fun he had....

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

This is a ''lost scene'', meaning it was shot more than a year ago, and we never really did anything with it. But when I watched it recently, I realized it is actually very hot. The scene was supposed to be Mitch's first dildo scene (his actual first dildo scene can be seen in Mayhem Men 10: Boys with Toys). It was shot in the VIP area of the club, just Mitch and Mandy. It starts off with the two of them, Mitch being the lazy guy that he is (he always likes to lie back and let everyone else do the work) asks Mandy to put the dildo in for him, so you see Mandy trying to operate the camera with one hand and wearing a latex glove on the other hand. I shouldn't say ''trying to operate the camera'' because as always Mandy was the queen of perfect cinematography and managed to dildo and tape at the same time. Mitch only had to help with lube. Part way through the video, Mandy decided to call Troy, who was waiting to do his own video and ask him if he wanted to participate. We got another dildo and it turned into a double-dildo video. Then Mandy suggested that Mitch should fuck Troy. This is actually Mitch's first fuck scene - he has since then learned how to be a top (in Side By Side 5: Mitch Fucks Marko, and in Tasha's Trashy T-Girls #1), but for his first effort, he struggles to keep it up Troy's ass. In the end, the two boys straddle the sex-furniture horse, and their cum-shots occur simultaneously.

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Bonus Scenes:

Cum-shot scenes: The cum-shots are separated into their own scenes.

Forgotten Camera: After Paul and Lukky cum, there is a short break while they get dressed to leave Rex and Mandy alone. Mandy forgot that the camera was still on, and obviously she had it slung over her shoulder like a purse. So there was this 3 minute section of footage that I found kind of interesting, and there was room on the DVD, so I included it.

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The Lounge After Hours #8 - Rex Likes Latex

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