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Hotel Room Sex

Hotel Room Sex brings three of Mayhem North's most popular models together in one down and dirty scene. Croatian soccer player Marko comes to Toronto every 6 months or so and fulfills his ''kinky'' needs during his visits by doing videos for us (See: Side-By-Side #5: Mitch Fucks Marko and his first solo in Side-By-Side #9) So for this trip to town, we were on a shoot-a-thon with feisty Portuguese boy Rich (Side-By-Side #8, and Lounge After Hours #9) and Mayhem's ''most shot'' model Mitch (Lounge After Hours #4 and #5) was also available. Mitch had just finished fucking Marko in a recent video, and Marko's next kinky fantasy was to have two cocks at once, and a load in his face. - Producer, Todd Klinck

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The main scene starts in a car. Mitch, Rich and Marko are driving up to the hotel. The camera follows them through the parking lot, down the hall, and into the room. Rich grabs Marko and starts undressing him, and Mitch picks up a small video camera (''the boycam'') which he passes back and forth between Rich throughout the shoot. Rich has Mark on his knees sucking his cock right away, and then after a couple minutes he notices Mitch is still closed, and says ''Come on man, I want some balls in my face''. Mitch feeds Rich his cock for a while, then gets Marko to suck both cocks. After a while, Rich puts on a condom and tells Marko to ''get up here and sit on this''. One of the best things about Marko is you can tell he is really into whatever scene he is doing. He can't hide the pleasure he gets from having things up his ass, telling Rich it feels amazing. Rich fucks Marko in a few positions, all the while Marko continues to suck on Mitch. At one point Marko clearly wants Mitch to fuck him too, but Mitch doesn't end up giving it to him. In the end, Marko shoots his load with Rich still up his ass, and then both other boys shoot their loads all over Marko's face.

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Group Shower and Cum-shot Compilation:

All three boys pile into the tiny shower and wash the cum and sex off their bodies.

After the shower scene, the cum-shots are compiled in this scene.

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The "Boycam"

This footage is dizzying and shaky, but it is downright filthy and provides another perspective to the shoot that I could not get with the main camera. Mitch holds the cam less than an inch from mouths, assholes, cocks and balls, and passes it back and forth with Rich and the still photographer. You can see me climbing all around in the background, and for those who like the behind the scenes stuff, I left in the audio which I cut out of the main scene (just me giving various directions). So don't watch this with audio on if you are the type who wants to believe the fantasy that everything happened automatically by itself.

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Bonus Scenes:

En Route: Mitch and Marko had met, but Rich and Marko had not, so I had Marko hold on to the camera in the back seat of the car and capture his first meeting with Rich. After a bit, Mandy calls and gives some direction on speaker phone, as she is not going to be at the shoot.

Behind the scenes: A very short scene of the boys sitting on the bed before the movie starts, some interesting discussion.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Hotel Room Sex

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