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The Lounge After Hours #12
Mitch's Bitches

The Lounge is an alternative strip club in Mississauga, Canada, which is a city near Toronto. The Lounge After Hours series stars the performers of the Lounge in hardcore scenes that are shot after the club is closed. Mitch is Mayhem North's most prolific video performer. He is somewhat of a bottom, but his gruff demeanour and looks suggest otherwise, and he has been learning to be a top. For this volume, Mitch gets instructions from myself and Mandy Goodhandy and learns how to be a top once and for all. His bitches are TJ Houston, who is a gay guy who visited the Lounge for one night to live out a fantasy (he's older than most of our performers and admitted he was not doing this for the money, he was just living out a fantasy) and Kev, a Middle Eastern guy who also was living out his fantasies. - Todd Klinck, producer

Mitch and His Bitches:

The video starts late at night after the Lounge has closed. You can hear the female strippers chattering in the hallway, and Mitch is eating a chocolate bar. Mandy directs Mitch into the frame, and notes that he is the only model who can have a full buffet and have sex at the same time (Mitch is often ducking off camera to grab a bite of something). TJ Houston is a super-tanned gay guy from out of town, who brought with him a dildo the size of my forearm. Kev is a horny Middle Eastern guy who has a lot of fantasies, including the desire to be gang-banged by a group of men. Both guys performed in their solo jerk off videos earlier in the evening (see later on this same DVD). In this scene: Mitch spanks both guys, gets his cock sucked by both guys, shoves different dildos up both guys asses, and fucks both guys several times in different positions. In one of the hottest moments, Kev cums while riding up and down on Mitches cock, and then continues to ride on his cock for quite a while afterwards. I jump into the action as well, helping teach Mitch how to spank properly and then TJ Houston sucks my cock for a while. Mitch ends up coming on both of his bitch's faces. Another hot part of this scene is watching Mitch truly enjoy the fact that he has two bitches working on his cock, two bitches that he can do anything with. Because although I say Mitch is mostly a bottom, he is a true genuine pervert who loves all things sexual, and I think he was smitten by the idea of having two bitches of his own.

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TJ Houston:

TJ is a well-kept 40-ish white gay dude with possibly the darkest tan I have ever seen. He's a kinky motherfucker and likes massive dildos. I met him in his luxurious hotel room before his first shift at the Lounge to shoot a solo scene with him and his forearm-sized dildo. Somehow my own cock ended up in the scene, in his mouth, and that seemed to help him shoot his load.

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Kev is from the Middle East. He showed up at the Lounge the same evening as TJ, and Mandy took him aside to film his solo scene. In that scene, you can hear Mandy asking Kev about the various things he has fantasized about and done. Kev is an insatiable and curious guy who loves girls, guys, and shemales. After that interview, and then after an evening working at the Lounge, Kev is ready to get fucked up the ass by Mitch (see Scene 1).

Plus: Cum-Shot Compilation

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The Lounge After Hours #12 - Mitch's Bitches

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