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The Lounge After Hours #13
Rich, Tai And A Toy

The Lounge is an alternative strip club in Mississauga, Canada, which is a city near Toronto. The ''Lounge After Hours'' series stars the performers of the Lounge in hardcore scenes that are shot after the club is closed. Rich spent a concentrated period of time hanging out with us in the winter of 2006, appearing in Side-By-Side 2, 6, 7, 8, Lounge After Hours 9, and Battling Boys 1. He is one of the hottest and most popular of Mayhem North's models. This is the last of his winter videos - we almost forgot it in the vault. Let's hope he returns this winter for another bunch of videos. - Todd Klinck, producer

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Tai is a stunningly beautiful, gay, energetic Philosophy major from Montreal. He traveled to Toronto every month or so to experience life as a male stripper and video model. He picked his partners carefully for his videos - it was not about the money with Tai, it was about the experience. This video starts off with Tai and Rich performing on stage together, in front of the last few remaining regular clients. The boys pose and hug and Rich keeps bending over in front of Tai. Tai is looking timid, and Mandy eventually says ''You remember what you have been wanting to do all this time? Just do it.'' Meaning: molest this beautiful little stud, have fun. Tai realizes that he can relax and enjoy himself, and does so. After the boys perform on stage together for a few songs, we pause the camera and let the customers leave. When we turn the camera back on, Rich and Tai are ready for the video. Tai has braces, so he cannot suck cock, so the agreement was that Rich would suck Tai's cock and shove a big black dildo up Tai's ass. (He was supposed to return the following week to fuck Tai up the ass for real, but that video never happened - yet). The chemistry between the two boys is incredible - Tai is a truly sensual being and you can see that by the way he touches Rich. He even manages to get a couple of tender kisses from the straight-living Rich. And Rich is adorable and real as always, talking to me, Mandy and Mitch (who appears in the background as the naked camera operator), joking around with Tai, just having fun. He sucks Tai's cock for a long time, and then works Tai over with the dildo. Rich cums, and Tai decides to postpone his orgasm until the next time he is in town (seen here).

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Brett, Solo:

Fast forward a year to our new downtown club Goodhandy's. Brett is a customer who hangs out at Goodhandy's from time to time, watching the Shemale stage shows and enjoying the environment. He's mostly straight, but probably a little curious about the transsexuals. Mandy takes Brett upstairs one night and shoots this solo jerk off video. There is not a lot that can be said about Brett other than ''wow'' - he is a plain sexy, real guy all around. One of the best solos we've ever shot.

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Malek Solo:

Malek is a Montrealer who just moved to Toronto. He says he only learned English in the last 3 months, but I think he speaks it pretty well. This is his solo jerk off video, shot by Mandy at Goodhandy's.

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Camera 2 Footage:

This is footage of Rich and Tai's Toy scene shot with a second camera. Partway through, Mitch takes over the camera, something we call ''the boy-cam'' - warning, when Mitch is holding the camera it is very A.D.D. and shaky and all over the place, but it is also super-perverted and super-close up - you get to see the scene through the eyes of Mayhem North's most prolific model.

Plus: Cum-Shot compilations.

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The Lounge After Hours #13 - Rich, Tai And A Toy

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