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Todd And Mandy's
Mayhem And Madness Show #2

Shemale entertainer Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck run Goodhandy's, an alternative club in downtown Toronto. Mandy hosts an internet porn show in front of a live audience every week. Sometimes the boys wrestle, sometimes the audience participates, and always a handful of boys go upstairs to the private studio and jerk off, suck each other off and even fuck each other sometimes. The audience watches live on a big-screen in the club. TODD AND MANDY'S MAYHEM AND MADNESS SHOW is like a reality show shot in Goodhandy's. The camera is seldom turned off, Mandy banters with the audience, and the boys are always real and hot. During the sex shoot the boys are somewhat conscious of the audience, but the fact that the live audience does not hear audio makes the dialogue in the private studio between the boys extra fascinating - fans of the hustler / porn guy psyche will be pleased.

In volume 2, the sex portion of the video is particularly hardcore. Two guys fuck Mario, cum all over his face and mouth, and there is a hot 4-way jerk off scene. We hope you enjoy!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

This video starts with the stage portion of the show. Duane poses the boys into various positions for a photo shoot, and eventually Mandy enters and conducts her usual hilarious commentary. She invites the audience to direct the boys during the photo shoot, which results in some leap-frog poses for some reason. The boys periodically wrestle throughout, and you can see chemistry building between French Canadian boy Tai and newcomer twink boy Leigham. Rich and Mario, who performed together in Volume 1 of this series obviously have chemistry, they lick each others' cocks right on the stage while posing for photos. The wrestling as usual leads to the boys ripping each others' underwear off, and all four boys end up naked on stage.

Upstairs: Tai, Rich, Mario and Leigham go upstairs to do a four-some side-by-side jerk off video. All boys were instructed that all they had to do was jerk off, and do a little oral. But we knew there was chemistry, so they were encouraged to go further if they wanted to. Tai starts massaging Mario who is a super-vocal guy. Mario moans and groans, Tai is obviously very good. Leigham starts pawing at Rich pretty quick, kissing his chest, fondling him. Rich sucks Mario's cock. Tai is like a kid in the candy store, he can't seem to get enough of both Leigham and Mario. Tai shoots his load, and then Rich shoots his load - surprising to us, Mario gets underneath and lets Rich shoot into his mouth.

Rich and Tai leave Mario and Leigham alone, to continue. This turns into one of Mayhem North's hottest scenes ever. There is a lot of kissing, there is a lot of ass licking, and then Leigham, who normally is the bottom, decides to put a condom on and fuck Mario up the ass. Mario loves getting fucked, it is clear.

Duane, who had only been appearing tonight as a photographer, at some point comes into the room and takes over the stills. Somehow while Leigham continues to fuck Mario, Duane's cock ends up out, and in Mario's mouth. Then Duane gets rock hard and forces Mario down doggy style and fucks him really hard. Mario moans and yelps ''You're so big'' but Duane is an aggressive top and makes him take it. At the end, Duane pulls out and shoots his load all over Mario's face. All three boys head for the shower.

Leigham and Mario did not cum in the previous scenes, because they were ''spent'' from other activities, including their solo videos. So I included both solo jerk off videos on the DVD - first is Leigham, then Mario. Mario's scene is shot by Mandy, and Leigham's scene is shot by myself and Duane. Duane actually is a friend of Leigham, he brought him in to the club, so that makes the interview seem more interesting.

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Todd And Mandy's Mayhem And Madness Show #2

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