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Mayhem Boat Sex

Once or twice a year Mayhem North does a bigger budget shoot outside our admittedly plain blue or red studio walls. One of our very loyal and long-attending VIP customers from our club events has a penchant for photography and boys. He offered the use of his motorboat for an end of summer shoot. It was a gorgeous day, but the water was rocky, so halfway through the shoot we realized we should go to a nearby hotel to finish things off. One interesting detail is that this shoot consists of four guys who all used the term bisexual to describe themselves. -Todd Klinck

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The four boys joke around and get to know each other. Rich, who is one of Mayhem North's most popular models, has returned after a year's hiatus. He sits on the front of the boat. 19-year-old Jeremy is a brand new model of ours, and he wastes no time joining Rich and the two boys start to make out (this is a first for Rich). The water is rocky, so there's a lot of laughing as the guys try not to fall off the boat or chip each other’s teeth. The boys undress each other, and then Frank and Trevor climb up and join in. Everyone ends up naked, lots of cock-sucking. The boys return down to the main deck and continue making out and fooling around. Some of the boys jump into the lake and swim for a bit in the ice-cold water. Trevor decides to sit back on the front of the boat to smoke a cigarette, and Rich joins Trevor. There is a history with these two; they have known each other since they were 10 years old. They appeared together in Side-By-Side #10, but it was only a little bit of touching. We weren't sure if anything was going to happen in this shoot, but Rich surprised us by going down on Trevor's massive cock without being instructed to.

The water is too rocky, so we get a hotel room nearby. The four boys pile up on the bed and soon enough Trevor is fucking Jeremy up the ass, and Rich is fucking Frank. It is hot to see how much Frank enjoys this Frank is a new model with very little experience with guys, but he likes it. Jeremy cums while getting fucked up the ass, and Trevor and Rich cum on Jeremy. Frank needs to be alone, and gets some assistance from a mystery person who finger-fucks his ass until he cums.

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Camera 2 Footage:

We had a second smaller video camera in the hotel, so we included the footage from this camera. There was so much going on with the four boys that we figured you might want to see an alternate angle.

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Behind the Scenes:

A few minutes of random behind-the-scenes footage for those who want to see it.

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Frank's Solo:

Frank wandered into Goodhandy's one Wednesday night looking all adorable and lost. He had a big backpack, it looked like he was looking for a place to stay. But he was clean and non-sketchy and well dressed and well mannered, he even thanked Mandy for introducing him to the audience because he got to go back into the sex booths and have a really fun time with a guy. We told Frank to come back in on Saturday so we could shoot his solo video. Mandy and I both shot this, Frank is a fascinating boy and you'll get to know him more over the next while as he has appeared in many other videos for Mayhem North.

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Jeremy's Solo:

Jeremy is a 19-year-old bisexual guy. He's very tall, well built with a big brown un-cut cock. He doesn't say much, but he is a very sexual guy. He told us when he first came in that he would be willing to try topping, but he has never been anything other than a bottom. This is his first time doing a video for Mayhem North, but he already has a fair bit of experience modeling for other local companies.

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Mayhem Boat Sex

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