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Beefy Bear John X
Muscle Pumping, Jockstrap Modeling, Cock Stroking, Shower Lathering Solo

Beefy bear stud John X is back and you get to spend some quality time watching him workout and flex in a jockstrap, see him masturbate and drop a hot load of cum on his hairy chest, and see him work up a lather in the shower. You'll love seeing this muscle bear pump the muscles of his thick hairy chest, his powerful legs, his strong arms, his broad shoulders, and his round and furry beefy bubble butt. You ll love watching this beefy bear work his perfect curved cock extensively with masturbators and his strong hands until he erupts in orgasmic ecstasy spraying his hot semen and rubbing his cum into his furry chest. After getting all dirty and sweaty with your beefy bear dream man, you ll enjoy watching this hot stud lather up and rinse his powerful body until he is squeaky clean. This beefy bear will make you cum hard and often, so spend some quality time with John X today!

Hairy stud John X enters the basement and strips down to his white jockstrap and socks and gives us our first glimpse of his furry bubble butt framed like fine art with the straps on the jock. The beefy muscle bear starts the workout by pumping his powerful hairy legs. His thick powerful thighs and round hairy ass are a sight to behold on this sexy bear. Our beefy stud also pumps his thick hairy chest for us and we drool over those furry pecs hard at work. John X also pumps the biceps and triceps muscles in his thick powerful arms and shows plenty of expression when he feels the burn. It s almost like watching him have an orgasm! The sexy bear stud also pumps his broad shoulders to the delight of all of us who love such powerful masculine physiques! Beefy bear muscle stud John X then flexes his freshly pumped muscles for us and strikes a number of sexy poses while still wearing his jockstrap and white socks. His furry body with just the right combination of muscle and padding is so enticing to those of us who love real men. There are plenty of good views of his amazing bubble butt straight on and his deliciously curved profile of his massive glutes.

Our furry muscle bear stud then starts to touch himself on the pouch of that sexy jockstrap and we begin to see his cock bulging underneath the white fabric. John X lies on the floor and fondles himself more and gives us our first peak at the head of his perfect curved cock. Our stud then slips out of his jockstrap and socks and poses seductively in the nude for us with his perfect curved cock nice and hard. The beefy bear gently fondles and plays with his hard cock and gets himself all aroused until he just has to rub one out. Our furry muscle stud gets some lube on his hand and rubs it on his beautiful cock for us really well. He then slides his hard cock into a Fleshlight and starts working it slowly. The gentle moans and facial expressions show so much enjoyment as he stimulates his hard cock. The beefy stud gets a Fleshlight in each hand and works his cock with both in succession. He goes back and forth from hole to hole and it is really hot!

Beefy bear stud John X puts on an extensive and energetic masturbation performance as he edges himself at the brink of orgasm. The sexy bear gets into numerous positions for us and strokes his with two different Fleshlights and his hand and fondles his balls and nipples, and rubs his hairy chest for us. The furry stud sits in a chair and works his beautiful cock so hard as he bounces on a butt plug. His breathing gets so fast and so loud as he shoots his hot cum all over his hairy chest and furry belly! John X relishes the orgasm as he catches his breath and begins to play with the fresh hot cum on his hairy chest, furry belly, and cock. He rubs the semen cream into his chest hair and belly fur as he gently squeezes his cock giving himself continued waves of pleasure and we hear wonderful gentle moans from this big man. It s so hot to see such a powerful masculine man show so much vulnerability after he cums!

Our beefy bear then gets in the shower to get squeaky clean after the muscle pumping workout and the cock pumping masturbation session. Our hairy stud works up a good soapy lather on his furry chest, hairy armpits and his hirsute bubble butt. It seems like this man can make anything he does look sexy! The foot soldiers will appreciate the attention this bear pays to his sexy feet. John X soaps his feet up really well getting nice and clean between the toes. He later works lotion on his soles, heels, and toes for all of his foot fetish fans. Our sexy muscle bear stud always does what it takes to make us drool and cum, so enjoy some quality time with John X today! Trailers to other John X videos follow the feature presentation.

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Beefy Bear John X
Muscle Pumping, Jockstrap Modeling, Cock Stroking, Shower Lathering Solo

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