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Spanking Boys #4

Twice as Naughty

Johnny is a porn addict as we have seen before, but he is also very careless about when he indulges himself. Just settling down to enjoy himself he is caught red handed and finds himself OTK. This is just what he needs but what happens is he is so horny he cannot hold back and dumps his load as he is spanked. Sent to the bathroom to shower and get tissue he is left to clean up. No sooner alone than he sneaks out the bathroom and is back at the laptop and playing with himself again. Oblivious to everything he is caught and once again is OTK getting spanked. This is too much for Johnny and he dumps a second bigger load. This lad really gets into the zone when he is spanked.
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Sander Taught a Lesson

Sander is a new lad and I suppose it is a compliment that he feels relaxed enough around the place to just start to jerk off in the kitchen, or is it that he has no respect for the place. I suspect its the later. Stripping naked in kitchen as he plays with himself this is going to have only one end. Just after the lad has dumped his stuff all over the floor in comes Craig and steps in it, one very unhappy man. Sander is OTK in a flash and his lovely smooth little bum is getting a well deserved spanking. For a newbie he is taking it well, Craig does not hold back as we all know. Not content with a good old fashioned hand spanking OTK, which is always good to see, Craig grabs the bread board and uses it like a paddle to really wake the lads ideas up. A great debut for sander and I am sure we will be seeing more of this naughty brat
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Gizzy and Gabe Caught

Gizzy and Gabe are having sex in the salon, strictly against the rules anyway. Craig is on the way home unaware of whats going on. The lads are really going for it and oblivious to whats about to happen. Craig walks in and sees them and retires to get the paddle. He comes back and lays a few hard whacks on Gizzys butt as he is in mid thrust - a bit of pleasure and pain here judging by his reluctance to stop. Pulled apart Gabe is sent off home and Gizzy gets a real walloping, so hard it breaks the paddle so Craig has to get him OTK and punish him that way. Afterwards Craig calls Tony and tells him what happened and Gabe, who is home now finds himself looking at the carpet with a blistering bum as well.
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Tobi Thrashed

After a week of misbehavior Tobi finds himself standing waiting for the spanking he knows he deserves. He kneels on the couch and the cane cracks down and the welts rise instantly on his smooth little butt. Each stroke brings another stripe and another moan. The cane works wonders on such a perfect ass. Once he is striped up nicely the paddle is bought forward and OTK he goes and some cracking swats on the already red hot stripes turns his butt into a work of art. He is kneeling on the floor and spanking while standing astride. Both hands can be used here and the effect is as expected for Tobi, he gets a hard on and after a few minutes he is squirting his load as he is spanked. Always great to see a lad enjoy the spanking he deserves
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Spanking Boys #4

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