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Mick Monroe Jacks Off #6
Introducing Dean More

Producer's Note: Mick Monroe brings you his most attractive boy toy Dean Moore!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Mick Monroe is laying on the couch,Dean Moore joins him while rubbing his chest and holding him. Mick playing with his crotch while slapping his pecks. Dean turns towards Mick chewing on his nipples playing with his big cock as he spanks Dean's ass. Mick removes his shorts with an enormous erection. Using a flame torch Mick illuminates his cock. Dean moving the camera for a close up. Dean joins Mick on the couch licking his dick,they fool around. As Mick is working his pecks on the work bench he finds a hole in his jeans. Dean stretches out as Mick kisses up his body. Defiantly a private home movie. Dean exits as Mick adjust the camera lying on the couch in his black cowboy hat,long blonde hair,then he rubs baby oil on his half naked body. Adjusting his cowboy hat he removes his pants and begins stroking his swelling cock. He Stands up stroking his cock very close up and spanking his cock against his hand. As he grits his teeth,stroking with both hands the camera moves closer he adds more oil pulls his balls and gives a powerful cum shot.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Blonde Mick in jeans in his safari hat he plays around in his bed pinching his nipples changing to a wrestling singlet as he wears his sunglasses,shaking his cock underneath the singlet,while toying with the his covered piece of meat. He pulls it out to one side for a moment. He then attempts to lick the head of his penis. Then aggressively slapping his perfect cock against his stomach. He moves his free hand across his asshole,then flexing and pounding his pecs,torso and stomach grabbing his balls and letting go a great load.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

He leans back in some shades,a ball cap and a form fitting white jock strap he playfully stretches his cock and balls as the jock strap separates them. He tosses his glasses and zooms in on his oily cock,balls,stomach,he then flexes and starts to enjoy playing with his jock strap roughly pinching his nipples as he slowly removes his jock strap. He starts pulling on his balls again moving the camera back farther wildly spreading his legs fingering his asshole yet still continuing to play with his upper body. He starts to spank his balls and cock as if he were boxing them,he throws the cap to the side,places the camera just right and holds a fist across his balls,pounding his pecs and working his perfectly shaped cock. He pulls his blonde locks moving the camera closer he works up his asshole vibrating and pushing then hitting against his firm body taking his cock with both hands slowly easing up to prolong the intensifying sensation as then camera catches it from a close up angle.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

As Dean is found alone he begins playing with his cock,this sexy gratifying man won't be found anywhere else. Mick Monroe climbs onto of Dean's masculine body only wearing his jacket. Dean and his rippling gladiator formed body begins to suck Mick's pounding erection. Dean strokes Mick's 9 in. dick. Mick exits the room leaving Dean to stroke his own plump cock. Mick returns to then scene as Dean fondles him which leads to Dean sucking Mick's huge cock over and over again while Mick looks pleasured to the max. Dean slowly slides up and down Mick's leg pinch his nipples and repeatedly pleasuring Mick with terrific dick sucking. Mick quickly jumps up grabbing the camera for a close up while saying,''We'll be right back after this brief message,sponsoring Jurassic Park 4.''

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

The camera is filming the close up of Mick's manly pecs. then suddenly Mick appears sitting on a chair his long blonde hair lays beneath his white straw cowboy hat sensuously jerking his large picture perfect cock and large balls. Then just to say he nutted over and over again enjoying every moment.

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Mick Monroe Jacks Off #6 - Introducing Dean More

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