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Mick Can't Get Enough
Of Boy Toy Dean More

Producer's Note: Hot Handsome Dean More and Mick get and stay hard,great spotlighted j/o close up,great cum scene and more of Dean More hotter then ever,big time.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Mick enjoys Dean's hard butch body,sucking his cock,spanking his hot cock. Oiling Dean's cock and pec's they strip off,they begin stroking and flexing,working each others cocks. Nip pinching,pec sucking,Dean's ass rises as Mick works his hot hard cock. Our cocks sliding together,as I pull one of his arms behind his back.

Dean bear hugs Mick,pulling his balls and stroking his perfect hot cock,touching his nip's,Dean slaps Mick's cock and they stroke their hot hard cocks with Dean's muscular leg across Mick's bod. Mick blindfolds Dean,sucks and pours oil on his throbbing cock.

Then Dean straddles Mick stroking their hard cocks together. Pulling Dean's ballsack spanking his hard cock against Mick's nipples,Mick sucks Dean's cock,then rubs Mick's cock between his pec's. Ton's more cock,tit play,hot bear hugs,Dean heads out and Mick lays back slapping his pec's and stroking his hard cock.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Mick's greasing himself up with a light attached to a harness he's wearing. Shaking and stroking his pec's and oily balls,punching his pec's,directing the light on different parts of his hot horny body. Great close ups of his big beautiful cock. Pulling his balls close to the camera.

Continues oiling up and pinching and slapping his pec's working his cock so close you can almost taste it. The suspense mounts until he shoots one hot hunky load close up,classic cum scene,big time.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Dean More's back with Mick in a hotel room. Mick working Dean's pec's over with a leather glove. They both take their clothes off and Dean straddles Mick while Mick punches Dean muscled pec's. As their cocks fight against each other,Mick puts on a red boxing glove and work on Dean's hot stomach and pinches his hot nip's. Dean bear hugs Mick as Mick spanks his hard ass. More pec play and Dean pounds on Mick's pec's to end this section,it's hard even thinking about it.

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Mick Can't Get Enough Of Boy Toy Dean More

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