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Amateurs #10 - Solo Fun

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Thin,Long and No BS - That's Jonte,oh ya,his cock is just as long! He likes things slippery as can be and uses tons of lube. When the constant reaching gets old,he spits on his cock! ''Slippery is best!'' Only in his early 20's and he's already had a rough life. Can you say ''street kid?'' He's changing his ways and one of those is showing off his long tool. He's not all top - likes the bottom feeling as well and uses a few toys. No longer into the one night stands and a quick score - he want to know someone before he has sex...hmmm,gonna make getting him with another model challenging.....

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scooby and I met up in the LA area. He brought along a couple of friends for moral support but he didn't need them. He was eager to show it off his tat and piercing. He loves to play with his nips all the while he keeps stroking. This is one guy not afraid of animals - he brought along a snake to play with as well. NO WAY! We didn't want his slithery little friend to get out of hand - it stayed in a bag,outside,with his human friends. Back to him....he has a nice thick piece and little tat at the waist line. This is young meat you're sure to enjoy.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Dean - WOW gotta love that body! Lives in LA area White collar guy by day,but has always been interested in a career in video and magazine modeling. An athlete and dancer who is versatile,and like all types of guys...''was nervous about the shoot,but it turned out to be easy and fun would love to do more.'' like most guys,Dean was nervous as hell. He met with us and another potential model. I explained how this all works and then both guys had tons of questions. Twenty minutes later Dean stayed and was in front of the camera. He swears he has never done this before but as you watch him play with his nips hard,fingers his ass,and strokes his entire body you too will think he's done some modeling.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Vegas Fun Lovin' Tyler is back. Watch him lather up in the shower,get down to some hard-core toy play,shoot his load and then get squeaky clean. No boy friend on this 2nd trip but he uses the toys as if they are flesh and blood and pumping hard! ''I am an extreme sport junkie,with sky diving and bungee jumping under my belt. New Zealand next year to jump out of a helicopter at 1500 ft with a bungee cord attached to my ankles. My hopes and dreams: introduce young people to the sport of bungee jumping and other extreme sports. In regards to the shoot it was my first time in front of the camera. It was very intense and fulfilled a long time dream of showing off in front of the camera. I am looking forward to traveling to San Francisco and making another video in the future. Feel free to drop me a line if you are interested in making a video together.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Angelo's a ''pro'' and loves to get fucked. He brought his own cock ring and vibrator - gotta love a guy who's well prepared! You'll see him play with his ass,shoot,use his cum for lube,bend back his cock and insert! More stroking and shoot again. This boy is Mexican/P.Rican,body hair-shaved,dick-6.5 cut,curved to my left with a cum record of 5 times in one hour! I usually like to cum more than once while getting fucked and prefer men older than me,guys with sexy/well kept feet,and being watched while having sex.

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Amateurs #10 - Solo Fun

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