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Amateurs #20 - Big Tools and Toys

Producer's Note: These big tooled guys shoot loads using other big tools,toys or both! Two young hot thin guys work each other over,69,kissing till they coat abs and sheets. Next is our straight buddy loosening up in a hot tub before we convince him to take toys up the ass for the 1st time. Two more guys stroke and use toys and Todd shoots to the moon. All this is wrapped up by our new cummer Wil who proudly shows the use of dildos and a fleshlight. He's wet all over!

Markie and Tye

Here we have Markie,a veteran to the porn world and Tye a new cummer having only done a couple of solo jack offs. Tye shyly expresses himself with our Hung friend. Markie is eating it all up. He loves to break in new boys,especially boys with hung cocks. You get to see it all,they kiss,strip,suck,69 climb on top and shoot all over Markie and the sheets! Oh ya baby!

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Our straight buddy Jacob is back giving us more! I could not resist that Huge Thick cock. We get him in a friend's hot tub to relax and get his mind off being with his girlfriend all day. He gets out,towels off and into the bedroom. He's open,curious so we convince him to play with some anal toys. Jelly beads,trainer plugs,dildo,vibrator,they all go in and it's all good! Beads are #1! After all that play he's ready and shoots on this shaved abs.

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Todd and Tyler

We start with our favorite Vegas bottom boy,Tyler. All the toys are lined up,he strokes,hard as hell,ass lubed and getting fed when there comes a knock on the door. FUCK! My next guy,What the fuck,right?!!! Camera starts going and Todd joins in giving Tyler a helping hand,lips,tongue and works the toys. Our hungry submissive loves each and every moment,begging for cock,ass,toys,and more. Todd gets his turn as Tyler sucks on his massive cock. He moves to his ass licking,sucking,and tongue fucking his tight hole. A couple of fingers and Todd's ready to shoot. Streams,streams and more streams gush onto and all over his chest!

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amateur porn dvd

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I invited Wil over to help film a private web cast. Little did we know he would get horned up to the point of dropping trough and start stroking. I'm not one to tell anyone to stop and I'm always up for a show so I continued filming and web casting. Our lucky viewer got much more than he bargained for,so did we! So here is Wil showing off his use of vibrators,big dildos,and FleshLight. He strokes and plays; get's all hot and sweaty,until he moans as he shoots a good wadd.

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amateur porn dvd

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Amateurs #20 - Big Tools and Toys

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