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Brant and Jayden:

It's no secret that Brant and Jayden love sex. Both of these young studs cum equipped with big cocks and beautiful asses. There's nothing sexier that watching these two guys embrace their sexuality and fuck with no limits. So when Brant and Jayden started kissing like high school sweethearts,we knew the sex would be off the charts.

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Tyler and Derek:

First,Derek teased Tyler's throbbing cock by giving him an awesome blow-job. Tyler returns the favor,but it didn't take long for Derek to spin Jesse around and bury his dick deep in Tyler's manhole. First Derek rams Tyler doggy style,and then Tyler rides Derek's cock like he was in the Kentucky Derby.

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Jett and Crew:

During his audition,we could tell that Jett wasn't shy when it came to exposing himself. The only hesitation Jett had was being touched by another guy,sexually. But we got him over that hump by making him feel comfortable. When Jett sported wood just from rubbing himself down in the shower,we knew he was ready to take a walk on the wild side. Our mouths had been watering for his beautiful cock and ass since we first saw his body,so there was no holding back. He wanted straight porn to watch to make him feel comfortable,but once we got our mouths around his dick and tongue in his ass,Jett was enjoying every bit of attention. This young stud sure enjoyed his audition and blow job.

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Jesse and Cory:

Jesse loves sex and he claims he can fuck for hours. Cory is a cute twink with an ass ripe for bottoming. Any boy who moans the way Cory does while being plowed deserves to be fucked long and hard. Jesse loves fucking hard and deep,and once he got hold of Cory's tight ass,there was no letting go. Cory had no complaints,busting a huge nut.

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Antonio and San:

San is one of the best tops we have ever seen. When he fucks,he fucks. With an 8 inch cock,he plows his way to a nut busting climax every time. But San's huge cock isn't his only admirable feature,a beautiful ass and great smile. Both of these hunks couldn't get enough of each other once the hot action started. Antonio finally gets what he deserves staying rock hard during this fuck fest.

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