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ShowGuys #112
New Year's Eve 2004 Orgy

The evening begins with Chip Matthews and Adrian R making out on the left,and Jonathan Blue and his lover Eric making out on the right. Soon Eric gets Jonathan’s pants off and starts sucking the long hard dick,and Chip also gets naked and manages to get Chip’s thick monster into his mouth. Adrian and Eric lose their pants,and the sucking continues in various combinations. Jonathan spreads Eric’s ass cheeks and starts to rim him. Bruce enters the scene and goes down on Chip. Jonathan and Chip play with Adrian’s ass and Eric sucks Bruce’s hard hooked cock. Bruce and Chip play dueling dicks,and then they exchange blowjobs. Eric starts the fucking by sitting on Jonathan,and a naked Austin enters the scene. Bruce is the next to get fucked by Chip,while Austin,Adrian,Jonathan and Eric are jerking each other off. Bruce sits on Jonathan’s dick,and Adrian puts a condom on Austin and sits on him. Eric wants to be fucked by Chip,but wants Jonathan to fuck him first to open him up for Chip’s mighty pole. So Eric sits on Jonathan in the frog position. Meanwhile,Chip fucks Adrian doggie-style,and Bruce tops Eric the same way. Now it’s Austin’s turn to get fucked by Jonathan,and Chip continues to plow Adrian. Austin gets his revenge and screws Eric,while his lover Jonathan watches. Chip shoots the first load of the evening,a huge gut-wrenching spray,followed immediately by Bruce who shoots his own huge load all over Chip. Bruce and Chip head for the showers,and Matt Hyland and Nikki join the remaining guys. Nikki swallows Matt’s long thick hard dick. Adrian,meanwhile,has decided he wants to cum while being fucked,so Austin puts on a condom and Adrian sits on him,starts bouncing,and almost immediately shoots one of those famous thick creamy loads we’ve come to expect from him. Nikki is still sucking Matt,and Eric,Austin and Jonathan are watching and pulling on their puds. Nikki gets on his hands and knees and Matt eases his monster up the hot hole and starts pounding. Matt and Nikki roll into the spoon position. Nikki is a power bottom,Matt is a power top,so the two are perfect together. Jonathan,who has been watching and jerking,suddenly shoots his load all over Austin. Matt is continuing to slam Nikki,and Austin starts fucking Eric on the couch. And Nikki can’t hold it any more,and explodes in a white hot orgasm,spraying his jism everywhere. Matt shoots his load all over Nikki,and the two of them head for the showers. Austin finally pulls out of Eric,and they sit on the sofa and jerk off. Christopher joins the group and Austin goes down on him. Adrian re-enters the scene,and first Christopher and then Austin suck on him. Eric shoots his load all over Austin’s leg. And a hot mystery guest,Jed,who won’t let his face be photographed,enters followed by Holden Grey,the host for the evening,who proceeds to give him first a blow-job,then an incredible rimming. Austin is the next and last to shoot his load,and all the remaining guys come back to wave goodbye and wish all the viewers a very happy New Year. And it can truly be said that the year 2004,at least on,went out with a great big (gang)-bang!

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ShowGuys #112
New Year's Eve 2004 Orgy

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