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ShowGuys #12
Michael Brandon and Michael Star

When ShowGuys regular Michael Star did a scene for Falcon with porn superstar Michael Brandon they became good friends. So he arranged for the two studs to do a scene for ShowGuys when Brandon came to New York,and of course,Sam the cameraman was thrilled. When Brandon arrived he not only had his own monstrous ten incher,but also the first dildo replica of his famous pole.

The guys waste no time getting to it on the bed,kissing and feeling each others’ hot bods. Michael Brandon licks Michael Star all over,paying special attention to the huge bulge in his underwear,and soon Star returns the favor. Bandon’s shorts barely contain his massive equipment,and finally Star unleashes the monster. Michael Brandon’s dick has to be seen to be believed. It sticks out from his body like a baseball bat. Brandon fucks Star’s face while Star gets rid of his briefs,and soon Brandon follows suit. Sam has the guys pose for the camera and then Star starts fucking Brandon’s face. Brandon spreads Stars hot hole for the camera,and gives him the rimming of his life. The guys swivel around and we get to see Brandon’s hole. Star rims and sucks and finally deep-throats the monster,much to Brandon’s delight. A fire engine’s siren in the New York streets seems to be responding to the heat the two Michaels are creating; these guys know how to please each other and their audience. Brandon deep-throats Star’s huge meat and Star goes for Brandon’s balls. And Brandon finally reveals the monster dildo in the shape of his own dick. It’s as stupefying as the real thing. He puts a condom on the fake Michael and begins to fuck Star with it until finally the entire ten inch dildo is buried up his hole. Brandon then lubes up and sheathes the real thing and is soon plowing Star’s ass. Brandon is unmerciful and Star takes it all.

The sexual heat keeps building until finally Star sits on Brandon’s weapon and begins bouncing facing away from the camera. He then spins around on the great pole and faces the camera. Brandon pulls out and prepares to shoot his load,sitting on Star’s face; he jerks himself off to a monstrous climax. The cum flies all over Star and the bed,and Brandon licks up every drop of his own cum. He then helps Star to his own wrenching cum shot. And,sadly,the hottest scene ever shown on Showguys comes to an end.

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ShowGuys #12
Michael Brandon and Michael Star

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