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ShowGuys #191
Dan,Jesse,Nicholi,Bobby and Stash

For the final New York show before relocating to south Florida,Sam decided to go out with a bang,and invited five of his favorite studs. Nicholi and Jesse start the proceedings by getting on their knees and sucking and the three hard,delectable dicks sticking out over them,while the owners of those dicks,Dan Bradford,Bobby Sanchez and Stash (of the nine and a half inches),are kissing and feeling each other up. Both Jesse and Nicholi show why they are famous for their cocksucking abilities. Jesse goes between Bobby and Stash while Dan and Nicholi make out. Bobby shows he too is a terrific cocksucker,and swallows Stash’s monster. Now Nicholi moves over to Stash and Bobby,while Jesse’s tongue investigates Dan’s cock and balls. Stash is in heaven because he has not one,but two guys who can take him all the way down their throats. Nicholi and Jesse run their mouths up and down Stash’s pole,while Bobby deep-throats Dan. Jesse gets on all fours and sucks Nicholi’s cock while Stash rims him. Jesse now shows us Nicholi’s delicious rump,and rims him. Jesse lies on his back,and Bobby fucks his face while Dan investigates Nicholi’s hot hole. Dan moves over and fucks Jesse’s face while the others three play around. Dan and Stash play with Jesse’s ass while Nicholi sucks Bobby,and Dan spanks Jesse,who loves it. Stash and Bobby massage Nicholi’s prostate with their fingers while Dan does the same to Jesse.

But the guys can’t wait to start screwing,and Stash and Dan put on condoms. And without further ado,Dan shoves his cock up Jesse’s ass,and starts thrusting,while Stash does the same to Nicholi. Nicholi and Jesse lie on their sides facing each other; Dan fucks Nicholi and Bobby fucks Jesse. Dan and Stash lie on their backs,and Nicholi and Jesse sit on them. Both Nicholi and Jesse get royally fucked. After a short break,Bobby lies on the floor and Nicholi sits on him; Dan comes in from behind and Nicholi gets double penetrated while he sucks Stash’s dick. Next Dan fucks Jesse while Bobby deep throats Stash to full erection. Stash lies down and Nicholi sits on him. Dan again comes in from behind,and Nicholi once again gets dp’d. Meanwhile Jesse leans on the mantle,and Bobby plugs him. Stash and Dan lie down with their legs entwined and their cocks sticking up together,and Nicholi sits on both protruding weapons. And for the last time on ShowGuys in New York,Nicholi takes two cocks up his ass. Now the guys jerk off. Jesse shoots first,a huge,wrenching load,immediately followed by Dan. Next is Bobby and then Stash,who sprays his load across the room. The guys pose one last time,and ShowGuys’s era in New York does indeed end with a bang!

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ShowGuys #191
Dan,Jesse,Nicholi,Bobby and Stash

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