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ShowGuys #331
ShowGuys Cum Shots #2 - Hunks

Here are nine of ShowGuys’ sexiest studs from our early New York days showing off for the camera pulling on their very hard cocks and shooting nine very impressive loads.


DAN HUGHES,who later changed his name to Dan Bradford,was one of ShowGuys’ most prolific performers. His rock hard dick was always impressive,and he functions equally as well as a top or a bottom.

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PHILLIP RANDY,is a hot,hairy-chested Australian stud who after a short stay in New York,left for the West Coast where he made a number of gay porn Videos for the major studios.

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DYLAN WEST,tall,dark and handsome with a monstrous uncut dick was one of the most pleasant people you could find anywhere. He topped,he bottomed,he loved all kinds of men (or boys) and gave us many memorable scenes.

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CHAD blew into town wanting to try his hand at gay porn,and after a few very hot scenes,left New York as quickly as he arrived.

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JEFF BROOKS is a very attractive,very sexy and very hairy black man. He has a well developed muscular body and a beautiful cock,both of which he loves to show off.

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ROBERT is one of the hottest men we have ever presented. He is one hot Hispanic who is extremely tall and has a huge cock to match,which was always rock hard. Robert also loves toys,and did this solo scene with a large dildo shoved up his ass throughout the filming.

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MATT RYDER was just starting his gay porn career when he did this scene. At the time he was dating another hot and hairy ShowGuys favorite, Brandon Williamson,who was just outside camera range throughout this scene urging Matt on.

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BRUCE,who later when he got into mainstream porn changed his name to Peter Morales,was omnipresent throughout the New York days of ShowGuys,and gave us some of most memorable scenes. He topped,he bottomed,and his incredible hooked cock never disappointed.

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Beautiful ALAIN,who later became Dorian Hart,only did a few scenes for us,but they all sizzled. Alain has an incredible muscular body,and a very nice uncut cock,but he preferred to bottom,and especially loved being fucked by younger men. Check out his fabulous scene with TAB SINGLETON!

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

ShowGuys #331 - ShowGuys Cum Shots #2 - Hunks

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